in characterIt seems to me recently that many of us have been living hidden even from ourselves. Let me share why I have come to this idea.

Recently I had a few opportunities come my way and most of these I approached the same way I have most of my life. There was caution, trepidation and over analyzing involved to a large degree. It is my “go to pattern”; as it is for many of us.

Part of what I understand of myself, of what I consider my character base, is to question and plan and revert to past experiences under similar circumstances when making choices or taking action. I take my time when approaching something new and I rarely take risks although many people would consider me brave in many ways.

But a funny thing happened. In one specific situation I did not behave as my normal self it seemed. The opportunity and timing did not allow for a lot of thought or planning. For the first time in for as long as I can remember, I just acted. I could claim that I was guided to shift my behavior patterns but it was in fact a subconscious choice on my part.

I heard myself saying out loud and often to myself quietly… “this is so out of character for me” and would find myself shaking my head at the wonder of it all. It was out of character indeed but still it felt so real and true to me.

A few wonderful gifts have resulted from this shift, including advancement of my Mystic project in a direction that will eventually be revealed but those are not what this blog revolve around.

Masquerade-Mask-HD-WallpaperWhat this post is intended to pass on is that it seems to me that being “in character” for all these years has allowed my true self to be hidden for far too long.  I finally understand what the term “doing things out of character” means… it means being your true self and empowering yourself no matter what others may think because otherwise you have only put on a mask and are playing the role in a way you feel the audience will like best.

It may take a while to become an expert at taking off the masks all the time as, goodness knows, the costumes and scripts have been a part of my makeup for quite a while but I am willing to explore what it could mean and where it will lead to. Playing a role has not been too bad but it has not always brought me to states of positive energy and awareness that being “out of character” has recently gifted me with. I have decided I like that feeling quite a bit.

So the next time you find yourself thinking: This is really out of character for me… applaud yourself instead of feeling bad for choices made that bring you to feelings of empowerment, hope and joy. You are maybe, like me, finally seeing your full self for the first time.

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