I AM are the two most powerful words to begin a statement with. Anything you put after is what you claim for yourself and begin to attract into your reality.

Your desire to regain control of your own story, and how you play within it, is a key factor in the decision to use Empowerment Cards in your process. This is especially true at times where you feel you have reached an impasse of some sort and need additional guidance or support.

Many Mystic clients have found answers in one way or another. This may have been through regular messages from one of my membership options, a personal card reading and empowerment session with me or from using the cards and decks for themselves at their pace. I wanted a place they could tell their story and share their successes.

The “I AM” project is a space where Mystic peeps can state their¬†“I AM” and stand in their strength.

Images and statements remain up a few weeks and are cycled through periodically from what is sent in from our followers.

Participation is free and is intended to be a motivational trigger and empowering act towards activating a reconnection to their higher self.

Download the participation and application information here or email info@colettemesdag.com for more details.

I AM Potential

“This is a photo on our 18′ sailboat called Georgie Porge we just spent a 10 day adventure up on the North Channel at Benjamin Islands. Which have come to be fond memories of a small boat in a grand adventure. Very few people travel that far in such a small vessel for so long of time.

I have a reminder note which comes up weekly since my pull called “just know”… fruition> know that amazing things are coming to me as a result of the work I have done and the investments I have made in myself.

The ring on my finger I had just earned from being a top sales rep with Mary Kay.”
~ Georgie Hagen

The "I AM" Project

Empower yourself. Rewrite Your Story. Claim your "I AM"


How to submit your statement and photoI Agree

I AM Wisdom

~ Deborah Christy Love
The I Am Wisdom card is a wonderful reminder that keeps me grounded and centered knowing the wisdom I seek is within. We are all connected to our divine source of all wisdom if we feel for our inner I Am presence.