The question on my mind seemed broad as I asked it however I really enjoyed the message personally and especially in reflection to my current work and activities. I hope you enjoy it as well.

What does the period between this past super moon and the upcoming new moon hold?


Before I even start speaking about the individual cards that came up, I wanted to address how it struck me that all 3 cards were featuring male energy.

I am feeling that this is an action spread mainly because of the male tendency to the “get r done” focus a good percentage of the time. In fact, when looking at the 3 as a whole again, I feel a confirmation of this thought since in each card the pose of the subject is showing the right hand up or forward. I interpret the right hand as the action hand.


Card 1 I am Prosperity
“When you Believe you Will Achieve” 

I am Prosperity 4x6“Will” is a word that, set apart from a sentence, can be either a noun or verb. As I prepare to write about this card in relationship to the posed question, I get a reminder that, at times, messages from the cards may be two fold. I believe this is the case today for this card.

Since the question related to a certain time period, I will assume that the reason the work “will” stood out for me as I typed it above is that during this period we are reminder to apply our will to our actions. Not simply act on auto pilot. Be connected to your thoughts as you proceed the next while and your actions will reap rewards.

Prosperity is different for many. Success for some of you is simply being able to see your children grow up and go to college or university and for others it is a measure of the accumulated wealth achieve. I tend to lean somewhat towards the less monetary measures when I consider what prosperity really means because one can be prosperous in knowledge and experience as well a possessions.

On returning to focus on the visuals of the card I see two things very clear:
The spade and the sword.

The symbolism of the spade at this time refers back to the action associations I made earlier. It is time to dig and dig deep. The sword reminds me to consider the need for sharpening your focus. Be direct and cut through the illusions of fear and, once again, benefits of your actions will be forthcoming.

Card 2 ~ I am Belief
Unconditional Love is Stronger than Fear


I just realized something interesting about the 3 cards as I reflected on this 2nd card and thought to remark about the sword: not only are all these 3 cards male subjects… all 3 cards contain a blade of some type. I feel the need to express that this is indeed important however now that it has been pointed out will carry a message for those reviewing this reading.

In the segment about the first card, I mentioned the sword as symbolic of cutting through illusions of fear. It seems destined to be my focus in this one as well. But even more about having faith in yourself as you direct your energy into the things that you believe in and are moving towards.

Trust in the enlightenment being sent to you in the whispers that are present at all times. It is time to listen and it is time to pay attention. The question posed asked specifically about the next 10 – 14 days and it is my firm belief that this card is reflecting back to us that fear looses its power over us when we are in the Light and love is a reflection of that light. Time to release that fear of what is ahead and follow the bliss that guides you.

There is no reason to fear if you grasp firmly onto the sharp truth that will guide you.

Card 3 ~ I am Freedom
See What is Offered and Take Flight

I-am-Freedom-2A fitting third card to this spread, not only because of the blade that again urges the reminder to cut through the barriers and bonds that hold us back but also because of the message to accept the gifts offered to you along the way contained in the written part.

These gifts and messages will guide you back to your true self. In gaining this level of knowing of self you have have the leverage to reach event greater heights and you will be able to take the leap knowing that you will be supported.

Just before I wrap up this reading this week, I need to add another thing that came to my awareness in the I am Freedom card’s imagery itself. I can’t feel this reading complete until I reflect a moment on the presence of the water in this card. The subject is sitting on a solid foundation yet water flows all around. This indicates that allowing yourself to be fluid and moving does NOT have to mean giving up what is solid to you unless that which is solid keeps you stuck in which case allow it to wash away. Freedom does not have to be a letting go of things but more so an allowing of faith.

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