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Mystic Monday reading for March 23rd 2015

This card reading for Monday March 23rd seems to hold a vast amount of male “get ‘er done” energy.

Since Faith and Courage in the face of Change amplifies results in most cases it does seem that for many of us, including myself big time in this one, it is a period of activity, advancement and refreshing of tasks and goals.

I am Faith
Card 1
I am Faith

“This is that moment when you just know”

Today I am getting the distinct message that this first card is to remind us that being in the now is vital towards success in our endeavours. It seems this period of the new moon and leading into the coming full moon has energised many. It is time to shake things up however it is important to appreciate the knowing that everything that already is has served its perfect purpose.

You are ready and you know it!

Tackle that new project, big or small, with the faith that you have at your disposal all the tools you need to make it work.

I-am-ChangeCard 2   I am Change

“Make yourself available to new ideas”

Change is a challenge for a good many of us and yet it is one of those things that seems inevitable. The truth is: change will occur and it will lead to new opportunities even if some are disguised as challenges.

Relax, trust and be in the awareness that, even if it is unclear to you at this time, there is a great purpose to all events whether big or small.

The future is not yet revealed and the potential in it is deep and fluid like a large body of water as this card seems to want us to remember.

I-am-CourageCard 3  I am Courage

“The best action is at times non-action”

Our third male energy card is telling us not to push hard or at least not to proceed from a place of fear. This card indicates to me the need to reflect prior to acting on impluses especially if those impulses may be causing us to retreat in fear of the potential “big-ness” of what lies ahead if we accept the idea we are being asked to put our faith in.

Courage, similar to fear, has two sides (or edges as the axe seems to remind us of herein) and one is to be headstrong and forge ahead without thought with mindless action disguised as courage. The other is having the courage to sit and wait for clarity and understanding of the best “plan of attack” that is at our disposal without hasty choices but also without cowering in fear of what is ahead.

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Colette Mesdag is a photographer and intuitive writer. Mystic Bliss Empowerment Cards are her creation and one of the tools that she uses to amplify the messages from source sometimes missed by others.

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