This question is inspired by my conversation with my friend in Belgium yesterday as it seems to be one many of us are facing now and have many times before. Although it has been asked in slightly different ways before on this post it seems we all struggle with just knowing what tools and answers are out there for us when facing major decisions in our lives or careers. I too seek answers. Only two cards presented themselves today.

Question: Any information for those people contemplating major life or career shifts? 

I-am-Knowledge     Card 1 – I am Knowledge ~ Be Pure of Mind yet be Rooted in Vision
When I was selecting images to use in this card series I was drawn to the visual intensity created by       the tree’s “expression”. It always seems to want to say something. This allows my mind to play with the idea that revolves around my personal symbolic association of trees in as much that, although rooted deeply into the foundations of the earth, their branches have a habit of reaching high into the heavens towards spirit.
This symbolism fits well with regards to the question.
At all times that we are faced with seeking information about our current situation we need to balance between what we already know through experience and education with what we feel intuitively. Reach deeply into your own foundations while seeking answers from spirit. This will assist in the balancing of the energies which may seem like conflict at first yet will reveal themselves as valuable allies to your quest.
When I reread what I have just written I am struck by the similarity there to what message the text on the cards says: Mind=Thinking=Known=Experience=Roots and Vision=Intuition=Spirit=New=Potential=Feeling
This can be used as the touch-points for anyone seeking answers at a crossroad… what do you feel or see yourself doing if you brought all your knowledge and experience to a new opportunity in your life or career?

I-am-ChoiceCard 2 – I am Choice ~ Change Happens yet Choice is Your Gift
What an amazing companion to the first card!
This card speaks of the empowerment potential you have at each new shift or crossroad in your life or career. There is no one or nothing other yourself and your own fears of limitation standing in your way. It is your choice on how you use the information you already have, as expressed in the Knowledge card, to know what your next move can potentially be. Change is a constant.
It took me a long while in my own life to accept Change as a gift rather than a burden. I still struggle with this knowing at times however most of you will recognize this as simply old patterns and practiced stories we tell ourselves when we are fearful of taking the next step in our evolution along our path.
We all face change. We are all challenged by our fear of what we don’t know. Many of us stay stuck where we are because we allow ego to convince us that we are safer where we are. Why take chances?
I can tell you why: Because in choosing to take chances we add to our knowledge and experience which we can then connect to our fuller expression of self.
So to my amazing friend who inspired the last 2 posts… Thank you Danny and I hope you have found some answers in our chat and this reading. Blessings.