Today is Be The Peace day which is an energetic gathering of hundreds of cities around the globe to meditate and help restore the balance of peace. The ripple effect will be amazing.

This was what I was thinking about as I pulled these cards for this week’s reading.

Be The Peace day

Be The Peace day

I am Light Card 1 ~ I am Light
The Higher Self Glows Eternal

As soon as this card came up my thought was that it was a reminder that the answer to peace in this world is in our hands as individuals. As we radiate this light that is the true self, rather than vibrate at the levels of our ego fed fears, we begin a ripple effect that touches the rest of the souls around us.

The process has begun. The shift is in play. This is evident in so many little signs as well as much larger ones. The heart knows.

As we focus our attention on the small things that are in our power to affect, and send our light to these, we are making a difference. There is hope. The changes that are happening in the world now are indeed the result of thoughts and light from so many individuals, who have focused on peace in the past, in action in the now.

The true beauty of being in light and love instead of fear and hate is that it has such a positive effect on our own bodies as well as our outlook. We start to remember our true selves, our higher selves, and begin to realign with the intent of source. Ego begins to loose hold on our thoughts and the blissful reality of our inner light begins to shine. This is the magic that will begin to heal the world towards peace.
I am Fruition 4x6

Card 2 ~ I am Fruition
Celebrate Even Small Things in a Great Way

For this card I wish to reflect on the message “Celebrate even small things in a great way” because I am sensing the appropriateness around today’s focus of peace being in the hands of the individual.

I am always amazed when I am reminded of how a small act of mine or a single word has impacted a situation or a person. This is a natural truth… we all make a difference, either positive or negative, even in ways that may at first seem trivial.

What we sow is what we reap and if we wish to harvest peace then we need to sow love, kindness and light. Once we celebrate the fact that we are indeed the ones in the power to affect larger shift we will notice those others celebrating as well. Like attracts like. The numbers are growing and the effects of one small act by one person on this day added to the small ripple of positive energy begin sent by the person next to you and the person next to them and onward… such is the power of the gatherings planned for Be The Peace day today.

Let us celebrate together and envision a bountiful harvest.

Card 3 ~ I am Transformation
Unfold Yourself and Shimmer with PurityI am Transformation 4x6

Quite a lovely addition to this message today. If taken literally the message of this card is that it is time to let yourself shine. More to point relax and shine.

The concept of transformation is not to change who you are but rather to become more fully who you are much like a butterfly emerging forth. Peace is something like that.

The full potential for it is ever present and simply awaiting the chance to show itself and become the reality that is evident rather than the one being veiled from awareness. It is amazing just how many people would not choose to be in pain and suffering and anger if they only had the knowledge of how to shift and transform into their potential of light beings.

There is a transformation coming. It is something that those in tune have felt and know well. The shifting will be a time of light and new beginnings as we emerge from our cocoon and take flight.

Additional note…
I am Love 4x6This morning, as I was contemplating my card reading for today, I posted a question on Facebook to see how best to ask the question for today. I had already started this post and had pulled the cards when I noticed a reply from someone suggesting to ask for mass consciousness to be peace in their hearts. Since I had already begun my process here (and my apologies for the delay in the posting of it but I was unable to complete prior to events planned for the day) I stated that I would pull a 4th card with this in mind for this message. This is the extra card that presented itself. 🙂

Need I say more?

Let peace shine and remember loving yourself is the first step to sending love into the world.