Through the process of creating the Mystic series I have had the pleasure of discovering my own value and worth.

There is a delicate balance between drive and obsession. Each has merit in their own way yet drive is the preferred energy for me. The times I found myself obsessing over Mystic and what it could be were the times that I felt challenged to find value in myself and the work I was creating. I put desire to be accepted and appreciated because of my work and art rather than looking within and appreciating who I am and expressing this through my art to share without expectations for others to enjoy.

The most monumental milestones experienced through these past few years have been found at those times where I listened to the inner voice of peace and calm and created for the sheer joy of it.
Nature does not force anything. The beauty of frost on a window is what it is because moisture responds without resistance to the elements it comes into contact with. Over the years I have come to appreciate the perfection in allowing and simply being. Therein lies the path to beauty.

It has not always been easy and yet even those darkest times are a part of what has rounded out my experiences and what informs both my photography and writing. These are now finding their way into my fuller expression in my life as well. I am grateful for the challenges and hurdles now although I may have thrashed with frustration expanded by fear of failure and rejection at a much earlier stage of my journey. The beauty and calm I now have settled into as my foundation for well-being is more greatly appreciated because I have been at the other extreme of the scale.

I have the choice of how I wish to perceive who I am and what I can offer to others. Allowing and knowing that all has a purpose is indeed the deepest blessing I have gained from my work with Mystic and the development of this deck. Balance is easy to attain when those things that could tip the scale when viewed in fear no long carry any weight as the fear of them have been removed by higher consciousness.