IMM with tangerine small love this week’s card spread because of how perfect it is for the many friends and acquaintances that I know it will resonate for but also this time a little because of how delightfully perfect it feels for me.August 3 2015 mm

These three cards combined in this order allows us to open up on so many levels. To be reminded that we can free ourselves of the weight of the past and step into a whole new existence that is bright and delightfully exciting. Yes indeed I feel blessed that this is the spread I get to write about today.

Card 1 ~ I am PotentialI am Potential

The very thought of the power for release this card holds for us simply leaves me in shivers. What fun that is!

The first thing that draws my attention to mention is the sparkling seeds of dreams being kissed by the breath of a wish. Not all those seeds will find root and flourish because they need to be nurtured and tended and therefore some may fail but not because they have not the potential to grow but because we did not believe in them enough to see them to maturity and generating seeds of their own.

Those that do find stable purchase in fertile soil are indeed blessings and should be appreciated and delighted in just as we do a new born child… we would never consciously harm or neglect our child and yet time and time again we do just that to our dreams.

It is time to take ownership of that which we have birthed and take action! The colour red here reminds me of that call to action and so much of it being present leave no room to ignore the fact that dreams without action can waste away. However even those dreams that have been forgotten or thought lost can be revived. We will get to that in the 3rd card.
Abundance1Card 2 ~ I am Abundance 

I am still puzzling a little over why the Abundance card is in the center of this spread when more often then not  I associate it in the “results” status of the 3rd spot. But this is the fun of card reading. The puzzles we solve by just asking.

If I remove the idea that Abundance is a result and look at it as an attitude then I think I receive the answer.

We all hope for abundance in one shape or another and expect it to be something to be attained; that it will take work and strain. It has recently come to my consciousness something I wish to share: there is no lack therefore the only action needed is a shift of perception around the idea of Abundance.

I know… This is an old message and one that by all standards that should be easy to grasp because we always get reminders, hundreds of reminders daily, but it seems to be the nature of our current stories, at least in the early chapters, to perceive that we will not be supported and cared for unless we earn it.

The message today around this card is not specifically about the card or its words but more so about the placement of it as part of the overall message that all revolves around already feeling abundant. That is why it is in the middle.

Card 3 ~ I am RenewalI am Renewal

Each day, each hour, each minute and each second is an opportunity to change and grow. Shifting the energy of our thoughts towards the positive and delightful options we are given makes us richer and offers us blessings beyond our wild imaginations.

The trick is to welcome these shifts and not put labels or expectations on these. The difficulty is that this is hard to do. We wish to frame it up and attach conditions and we often can not simply enjoy what has been offered.

My feeling around this card as part of this day’s spread is a reminder that taking one step towards what you want is not as hard as it may have been programmed in you to perceive.

Be at ease and trust. Remember that each dream has a potential and we simply need to care for it, nurture its growth and know that it will blossom.

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