As summer comes to an end, weMM with tangerine small look to the potential of August 24 2015 mmcompleting some of the tasks we set for ourselves at the start of this season.

The cards pulled for this week’s reading stand as a testament to this I think in as much as they remind us to relax in knowing all is as it needs to be in the now.

Card 1 ~ I am FaithI am Faith

This card reminds us to stand on the foundation of what we already know. By this I am referring to the things that helped us shape what goals we had for this summer.

It may have been we had faith in a project that we wished to advance or complete. It may have been that we wanted to change something in our home or in our financial situation. Maybe it was to refresh a romance or find a new helpmate because we felt strongly that it was time to do so. Potentially it was faith in our ability to change a career or enhance our skills through additional reading or training.

Before making plans at the start of this season we just knew it was time to do so regardless of which of these possible options we had set before ourselves. We had faith in ourselves and the timing regardless of the outcome so far this summer. Once you set your sights on anything it is important to have faith that it will happen even if it takes longer that expected. Of course, there is still a need for action on your part.

If you have set things in motion, established exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and done the work that would advance your goal and it has not yet happened then maybe Card 2 will put things in perspective.

Card 2 ~ I am Patience I am Patience 4x6

I don’t think I need to add too much regarding this card. It really is a reminder that we are not in control of the timing of some things. If you have set things in motion towards a goal it is on its way. Believing in this and having the presence of mind to let go and allow things to happen on their own time is important.

Not easy to do but we are not able to force things.

Manifesting is a skill which we can learn. It is a part of who we are by nature yet nurture has prevented many of us from tapping into this far too long.

As you flex this new muscle it is important to be gentle with yourself. The things we plan to do each summer, as an example, may not be the things that serve us best in the now… simply create the space in yourself to accept that all things happen in their own time and be gentle with yourself in the process.

I am Wonder

Card 3 ~ I am Wonder

Another card to remind us to just relax…

Take a fresh look at your situation and plans. Have fun in the knowledge that you are just where you are intended to be. There is no rush. All is perfect.

The timelines we set on ourselves for certain things to happen are not always realistic. Just be in a state of openness and acceptance and your stress level will go done naturally.

Even if August is nearly done and our task list is not yet finished it does not mean we have failed. Remember to look at the fun you had, the gifts you gave and received in time spent with those you love.

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