August 17 2015

Mystic Monday Reading for August 17

Welcome back to Mystic Monday readings for the week of August 17th.

My apologies for the lack of post last Monday and today’s delay. Seems technology has presented a few challenges for me the last few days.

Regardless of the delays, this week’s reading is pretty exciting and empowering.



Card 1 ~ I am Belief

Everything revolves around belief… belief in your abilities, belief in your dreams and belief in your destiny. It is at the core of every advancement, change and expansion in thinking in history. When I consider the message of this card in this spread it bring up for me this remembering: belief is important.

There is such a connection between winners and visualization. What is visualization but some form of form of belief? If you can see it, you can achieve it is the mantra of so many successful people. Taking on an attitude of believing in yourself, in your dreams or in your goals you make room for self love and banishing of fear of lack in yourself.

I-am-CuriosityCard 2 ~ I am Curiosity 

Such a fun card to have show up in this spread. I know there is often a bit of a stigma around curiosity being dangerous but the truth is that the saying: Curiosity Killed the Cat was likely coined by some small minded folks who did not venture past what they knew as “safe”.

There has been very little new ideas expanded on without first many questions being asked. Curiosity is the doorway to new journeys. Maybe it can be even said that your path will only open up for you if you choose to go looking for what is new out there.

On your path you will find your true destiny.

Card 3 ~ I am DestinyI-am-Destiny

It would appear that my above thoughts are supported by this 3rd card. Of course it takes belief and curiosity combined to fully integrate yourself on your path towards your destiny.

Yes, to a certain extent, your destiny will pretty much develop even if you do not take active part in seeking it out. But that is not living that is just existing. Reaching beyond your norm is part of the thrill of being alive. Actively seek your destiny and believe in that destiny while maintaining a curiosity around where it will lead you is being in the now.

Being in the now is empowering.

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