April 13th 2015

Mystic Monday reading for week of April 13th

This week begins with a message that sets us up for positive change if we are open to it.

I am encouraged by the supportive message to relax and allow in the first card as well as the limitless aspect of card #2.

Change is not something to fear but something to embrace as shown to us through this spread.

Card 1 ~ I am PeaceI-am-Peace
“Serenity is the Key to Healing the Spirit”

In times of great change we often experience great emotional upheaval. Sometimes we choose to morn the loss of things, whether habit or people, that need to be left behind as they no longer serve us in order to move forward.

Make a concious decision to view it more as a release than a loss and it will soothe the ego more effectively into a peaceful state that will ease the transition towards positive change.

In this card, we are reminded of the healing properties of the “be gentle with yourself” message. Handle yourself and your bright light with supportive and nurturing thoughts and words. By doing so, you leave room for growth and potential.

I am PotentialCard 2 ~ I am Potential
“Every Possibility Lies in the Seed of a Dream”

In this card I see the softness theme repeated again. It is but a gentle breath that can begin the seeds of potential soaring. The need for effort is nearly nil. Be gentle, allow and see the power of your dreams.

Be reminded, by this series of cards, that if you do dream and put your plan into action you will be asked to shift and change in order to allow the dream to become reality. This is intended to be a gentle process rather than one of struggle and pain.

Sometime along our human history, the collective conciousness was misinformed and taught to distrust change or things that are different and created this fear of change in souls now incarnate. We are being asked to trust and know that we are never given the dream without the means… breathe and release. All is well.

Card 3 ~ I am ChangeI-am-Change
Make Yourself Available to New Ideas

As I typed the message off the card I felt a deep desire to point out the word “available” and this leads me to remind you that being open and listening for the whispers that can guide you is a huge part of becoming the change you want to be in the world.

We all wish to make an impact and that could be reflected in our personal relationships or on a grander scale. Leading by example. Being aailable to accept freedom from the fear of change is a pretty significant thing to show others how to achieve.

Take that first step. Find solid footing. See clearly your goal. Change cannot feel so frightening when you are at peace, see the potential and make yourself open to what can be.

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