The choice of the cards took a strange turn this time. As is my habit, I used the jumper method (what cards pop out when shuffling while holding the question in mind become my pick) and right away 2 cards came out together in the first pass… then nothing else… even though I shuffled through the deck at least 8 more times… so we have only 2 cards this week.

The question is also interesting… I am sensing a theme here and again I feel that much of my own intent is coming forward in what came to mind as the question. I decided to trust and simply allow this to sit because nothing else came forward needing to be responded to. (Please know that I will use questions sent in to me by others when these start coming in)

The Question:

How does one quiet the ego when it causes you to project fear into something even before you start?

Card 1 – I am Spirit ~ Constant Connection is Guaranteed

Well now… doesn’t that just say it all? Why project fear or doubt into something when inspired in fact by Spirit towards creating that thing in the first place. The support system you need is there. You have been guided to start and you are guaranteed success if you but trust that all you need to achieve is present. The proverbial “ask and it shall be given” reminder.
When observing the image presented in the card, I want to respond to the wall in as much as it has the tendency to be a barrier just as fear can be. However if you choose to put “it” (fear or any barrier/obstacle you perceive) behind you then you can take that next step forward knowing you have moved past it. I feel there is something yet to be uncovered for many of you in the image yet I feel a need to move to the 2nd card and allow each one of you to find your own additional guidance in private.

Card 2 – I am Flow ~ Refresh your Awareness Each Day

I find it interesting that even though I created these cards and then wrote the phrases for each that I still find new things and meanings within them depending on my perspective each time I see them. Take this one… in the original context while I was making it, I was speaking of being fluid in your thoughts and simply allowing and here today I see the rocks in a similar way as I viewed the wall in I am Spirit… not as a barrier but as something to move around and pass between. Remaining confident that even the detours have a purpose and it is up to you to have faith in the plan.

When holding faith in the connection we have with source and allowing things to wash past or over or around us while we venture deeper into a project or towards a goal, ego has no say or control and fear will wash away.

week 4 card reading