I am Growth 4x6The last few days have been quite interesting with the repeated messages about growth.

Conversations I have been having with a variety of people always seem to lead to talk about how much growth has taken place for them, how much growth and change they have observed in Mystic and me or the awareness in all things seems to be growing in the general scheme of things, especially the circles I travel in lately.

Changes in the planets are also pointing to growth and evolution in the world. I won’t go into details on these topics because I am but an infant as far as knowledge in this area is concerned but so many of my friends are following these cycles and keeping me informed. I am grateful for the updates and highlights that are so full of hope and energy and light.

Growth relates to change and of course change can be intimidating but, for the most part, my personal experience, and what I have been learning this last while, has me buzzing with excitement.

Alright, I’ll admit that pulling this I am Growth card three times yesterday as I read for myself had me a bit flustered at first because I often war with my ego about some things. One of those is self worth, although I am getting better, and in turn this relates to me acknowledging that I have grown and added to my list of successes.

This card, pulled three times, felt like a giant wake up call for me. It was awakening me to the awareness that I have improved in many areas and that I continue to do so as healing takes place. No longer is my energy directed at the fight or flight reactions that was my habit. Now I am letting things come to pass… things happen, I observe, take what I need and let these lessons and challenges go and move¬†forward. I have grown. Really grown. I am more capable of being in the Now and completely supported by my own energy and growing confidence in my capabilities and worth.

It is an exciting thing for someone to stop doubting. Funny how we resist being in the Now. From now on I will make this my first reaction. If you have not tried it lately… give it a go as it is quite liberating and growth is bound to be the result.