Seems to me that there is a lot of talk about the power of attraction out there and how that law works. I find that at times I still feel surprised and overwhelmed when things happen the way I envision them and need to step back from the sheer feeling of empowerment this leads me to experience.

I-am-IntentIt is therefore why at times I feel I am sitting in a standard transmission vehicle driven by a newbie… forward, jolt, forward, squeak, roll a bit back on a hill and sudden stall before the whole thing begins again. Frustrating and a bit annoying as well
because I do know what I am capable of and I certainly just need to step up and do the things I know need to be done.

I am sure you have felt this way as well… I speak to so many people day in and day out who tell me the same thing. I had in the past blamed this pattern on human condition and being just programmed that way and I have to tell you that I am tired of that excuse. I want to reprogram and change and the desire to do so has become overwhelmingly strong.

The last few days has found me journaling, reading, writing, listening to motivational cd’s and dvd’s; such as Bob Proctor and Dr Wayne Dyer and really paying attention to the words I replay in my head.

I have made the conscious effort of cutting off that old familiar message that seemed to be on automatic repeat in my head and played each time I thought to break away and be the person and visionary I know myself to really be… this time the feelings are the strongest that they have ever been and in fact they feel different…                        

The renewed desires to live my life as I had been intended (in the abundance of everything I need) doing the work I am intended to do (helping others through my own healing and the words and wisdom I gain along the way) feels like more than words this time. This time it feels like a realized truth as I speak the words to myself. I feel uplifted and not as scared. I am strangely calm in this time of uncertainty and to what may look to outsiders as a time of lack… I am seeing it as a time of quiet and contemplation as I prepare to receive the information I need to move forward.

The law of attraction states that if you are full of doubt, fear and pain you have no room for the joy, confidence and trust that precedes all good… you are already abundant in all the things you don’t want so that the Source has no room to put anything else… you must clear away the old and make room for the new and this is what I am doing.

The last few days have been interesting in just how I have reacted to events and situations I encountered… I shifted… something has changed and I know that as I continue in this manner that I will grow in leaps and bounds and my life will reshape itself automatically. It is my intent and therefore my new reality.