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sometimes we get distracted but if you listen to your heart you will never really be lost

I am guilty of a personal weakness I call The squirrel Effect… this is when I start on a direction or project and get distracted by something else and go off track a little while. Like a cat responding to a laser pointer.

It has been my belief that, for the most part, this habit of mine has not been easily observed by too others with the exception of those already quite close to me. I thought it was a well-kept secret for the most part but I was wrong.

My recent straying from the Mystic Bliss blogs and card readings on this page has generated a series of suggestions, conversations, gifting of inspirational books, and emails with links to on line articles or webinars all geared at assisting me break The Squirrel Effect in my life. It seems many have noticed my little divergence after all.

I wish to express a deep gratitude to all the family, friends, and fans who have emailed asking for the updates to resume.

Admittedly, part of the reason for the delay in returning to posts was a reflection of the disappointment I felt in the spring when I was not able to meet my original projected timeline to get to press with Mystic Bliss. Then my hard drive froze causing a loss of some important files for this project. I allowed this to shake my confidence and in turn this affected my momentum a little for a time.

It was, in part, my self-doubt that triggered my recent distraction. Now, with all the words of encouragement and the recent success in producing and selling several “Photo Stock” Limited Edition Platinum Decks, the doubt is falling away and I feel a new spark of courage and determination growing.

A gathering of a powerful support team recently inspired the production of 3 levels of limited edition card decks. These will be Silver, Gold and Copper (yes I know I put silver before gold but there is a reason for this noted in an upcoming blog post)and all will be numbered and be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The other fire being lit under me is how to get to press for a short run. Meetings with potential investors, my above mentioned support team members, and a s—t load of research has inspired a very clear direction which I am putting into a proper business plan.

Part of that plan is to keep the production of the first 250 card stock printed decks at a reasonable cost in spite of the fact that it is more economical to do a large press run when selling wholesale. Part of that cost reduction will involve avoiding interest that comes with borrowing from angel investors or banks and generating funds myself through advance more orders and a second kick at the Kickstarter Crowdfunding can.

I will soon be launching my marketing campaign to announce the new pledge based fundraiser and how to obtain limited edition decks in three price levels ranging from $24.95 to $100.00

Stay posted.