While searching for the many aspects of what makes me “me” I came across a simple few concepts and ideas to help me that I was always willing to pass on to friends and even strangers who seemed in need. I believed it helped many. I am told often that my intuitive way of passing on information is quite remarkable. I can only claim that it feels natural and I enjoy it. Plus I have made many good friends because of this.

shadows-in-a-crystalI searched for a way to make the desire to touch the lives of as many people as I could in as short a time as possible and teaching seemed the perfect vehicle. Yet, for many years I have contemplated how I would be able to bring what I have learned to enough people to make a difference in the world. I believe this site and blog and the products that are coming your way are that answer for me.

Part of my life journey has taken me to dark places. Depression hit a few years back when I felt blocked and incomplete and it was through working through these things that hurt me and facing them in a creative “outside-the-box” attitude that I overcame them. The tools I collected. The information that was given to me from others, through experience and sometimes from what I know as Source, is what helped me get myself back on the raod to my genuine self. We are not meant to be unhappy. The love and joy that is all around us is what we should be open to at all times.

Not easy for too many of us… yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

We do forget that the shadow contrast is part of what makes the shape and detail of the crystal stand out. The crystal does not resist the shadow… its beauty is a reflection of the ease in which both are incorporated. I think my most important lesson with my struggle with depression is this fact. No one is by the definition of the term “perfect” however it is the details and the flaws in the clarity of the crystal that renders it truly remarkable. I have decided to let my light shine and the shadow receed and invite you to walk along side of me as new stories are shared.

Sweet Dreams and Sweeter Realities to you all