candle1-      Ask
The power of putting in the request for what you are seeking is often the most under appreciated aspect of any creative endeavour. Do you know what it is you are wishing to accomplish or gain? If yes then ask for the guidance to get there and then continue with confidence that it is on its way.

2-      Be open
When you go to the well to fill a jug… it makes sense to take out the stopper. You cannot fill what is not open. Opening up to Creativity is like taking the stopper out. Once you ask for inspiration be ready to receive. Create space in your awareness by releasing the fears that block you.

3-      Listen
You have probably often been aware of something tickling at your consciousness however you were not fully available to it. You either chose to ignore or thought to yourself “not now” and blocked what was coming to you. Time to listen to what wishes to be brought to reality through you.

4-      Allow
Once the idea has taken hold just allow what is meant to happen to have it come to fruition will present itself if you let it just happen. This is not something that can be forced.

5-      Trust
The natural order of all things creative revolves around trusting that the energy within the creative idea knows what it is doing. Trusting in this is like releasing yourself to the current and simply flowing with it instead of trying to swim upstream.

6-      Be patient
One thing I have learned is that patience is the key to successful creative process. Creating new life of any kind takes a gestation period, including ideas, and expecting it to develop faster than natural or trying to force something only warps what it is supposed to be.

7-      Act
All the knowledge and wisdom in existence isn’t worth a hill of beans unless it is put into action. Creativity is simply another variation of knowing… it too can’t do much good unless you put it into play. Once the evidence of what needs to be done presents itself it is up to you to act on it.