lift yourself up

lift yourself up

Ok I know this title does not make sense yet but bear with me as I tell you how this concept hit me like a ton of bricks the other day while I was walking to get to a meeting.

I spotted a pure white feather on the ground and, at first, was going to just walk past it but something in the slight way it moved in the light breeze made me look at it again and then scoop it up without really thinking as to why.
I held it lightly between two fingers as I walked towards my destination and after a few moments I became keenly aware of how it fluttered and shifted. At first, I allowed the stem to sit loosely and it rotated and twisted at whim with no apparent direction. Then I tightened the pressure of my fingers. The way the wind caused by my walking affected it this time was quite different. I felt the wind trying to lift this solitary feather up rather than spin it around uncontrollably.

It then occurred to me that this feather was teaching me something very important.

I had never considered flight before in any great detail. In fact, other than admiring many birds in full flight with my camera, I never tried to analyse just how such an amazing feat was possible until that moment.

As I became more and more conscious of the need for control and resistance to aid in the way the breeze could lift a feather I also became conscious of how often an individual faces challenges and resistance when attempting to gain momentum in a task or direction.

This offered me a deep insight. If it is resistance and pressure that create flight for a bird then it must also be the case for an individual to gain great height in life.

So I found myself considering a brand new perspective and change in thought pattern. Instead of complaining about the recent challenges and obstacles faced throughout my Mystic Bliss project I began to notice the way each of these had brought me new awareness and determination. Each had brought a lesson and new information to help my progress even while slowing the process a certain amount. No matter what I have faced, I have known that my need to continue with Mystic was inherent in my knowledge that is it my life’s work however to now be gifted with the knowing that nothing I had encountered to date had been put there to stop me. I now knew that these were the resistance I had needed along the way to offer me the lift that would aid me in my flight.

A new vow is in place. I will now hold on tighter to my desire to see Mystic succeed rather than allow myself and my dreams to be twisted and pushed with no direction by the winds of growth and learning. If resistance is the key to lift then I will be gaining new levels each day.