Mystic Bliss at Stonehenge

Balance in the seasons and balance in life… these are the gifts of the coming days

Today has been a very interesting day. Several messages and confirmations revolving around Mystic Bliss and my direction, especially where getting to press is concerned, have been coming in. It seems to have been the result of several things.

First off… yesterday was the autumnal equinox where light and dark are in balance. My focus on the way things have been feeling in the energy around me due to this time of year (and time of man) has made me quite open to receiving.

Then I was sent a link to a wonderful video message to watch: which speaks about the Love Revolution with Matt Kahn. This inspired me to speak more gently to myself today and I noticed many shifts that I want to have continue so I know I have found a mantra I really benefit from.

Thirdly, two meetings today confirmed that when I am fully open to my potential I affect others in a positive way. There was a definite balance in my confidence and ability to listen as well as share.

I experienced a feeling of contentment that I forget exists sometimes as I rush from one moment to the next.

So I began to reflect on other times I have felt this connected and I was reminded of this image at Stonehenge from my visit to sacred places in England in 2012. I knew it was my visual for today’s post. There was something powerful about standing in that place as well as at Avebury and Glastonbury that trip. The call to return soon was strong as I spoke today about the energy and how I felt aligned in these special places.

Three Mystic Bliss cards were produced in the UK and my heart connection to the place seemed to resonate quite strongly today as I work on the plans to get to press.


I am Beauty 4x6 I am Inspiration 4x6









Today these memories reminded me of the way I have been led and guided through this process and I am wanting to express my gratitude to those who made that trip, and the resulting images and experiences attached to these places, a reality. Blessings to everyone in my life who have helped make Mystic Bliss what it is.

The rest of the journey should prove to be just as remarkable.