I am excited to share with you the new slide show that features the card series from Mystic Bliss Empowerment Deck in its entirety.

Many of you have been waiting to see the full set and have asked however, with just one prototype in existence still till I get to press after the success of my Kickstarter fundraising campaign, I have been unable to visit everyone to share in person.

Next best thing?  Video and the magic of internet.  Click on the link above to see the collection. With 44 cards it was not easy to stay around the 3 minute mark but I managed not too badly.

Thank you again to Colin Sheriff Ghannam for Erica the hauntingly beautiful score used once again to enhance the presentation as well as the more formal video many of you have seen.

As a note about the series, I wanted to mention that each one of these cards has a story both in their creation and how writing about them, and what they inspired in me,  generated for me along my healing journey. There is a huge feeling akin to giving birth rising up in me as I release this slideshow.  Many of you will have a difficult time associating with this but I am grateful to know that more of you will empathise with me as you have also created and release something near and dear.

Marching to your own beat is not easy but the rewards are great if you stay true. I am gifting these to the world because in doing so I discover who I am and that makes releasing these as much a gift to me as anything else.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment or share.