This afternoon I was chatting with a dear friend who was, like many of us do from time to time, experiencing a bit of a crisis about his purpose and direction. It always amazes me that he doubts his gifts the way he does as he is the warmest and most gentle man I know and I love him for his strengths and his weaknesses. Why can he only see his weaknesses?

I intuitively felt I needed to pull a card for him and asked his permission to do so and this is what we shared:

Danny – How could I not be tempted by you drawing a card for me? Would you?
Colette – ok card time! focus
   Danny – Focus  🙂
Colette – I am Intent ~ Focus and your Dreams will come true… 😉  is that for me or you lol?
Danny – Both I would say 🙂
Colette – I agree. What does this card bring up for you?
Danny – Yes perhaps I need to focus… I felt lost, shattered, empty this past week. Had a relapse – old                patterns, habits, thoughts – old behavior
Colette – Self doubt and fear, which old behavior? All I know is your strengths
Danny – My strengths.. I couldn’t feel them, I sort of lost it inside and felt so torn
Colette – I love you!
Danny – T
hing is, I went to a talk this week and this talk was in a little shop with books and things, and a space where people could meet and talk, or where you would be able to hold meditations or give treatments, anyway, it shook me all up, because I suddenly felt the deep deep longing of my soul
Colette – The talk or the space? BTW these two cards wanted to be seen by you as well which I think are very appropriate.
I-am-Freedom-2 I-am-Destiny  Danny – the space and  the reminiscence of the shop I used to have
Colette – 
that makes sense
Danny –  destiny indeed, I felt the destiny in my soul, and I felt what freedom this     would mean to me, if I could cast aside my fears and take flight.
Colette – so you long for a space for talks, sharing, healing. One where you                  manifest this for yourself and help others do the same
Danny – yes, very much so
Colette – And you know this is what I see for you… that I dream of a place in              England … I have a second home… Glastonbury… where you and Dane manage a    space sometimes… healing and light and beautiful… a shared space

Danny – I can see my dreams, I can feel my longing, but how this would get manifested.
Colette – 
how? oh my darling boy… how is already inside you, just as it is inside me. It is hard sometimes to see it. I could not see it in myself this past week either
Danny – I know, in my heart, that you’re right I see this here too, you know, where you could come from time to time to bring healing
Colette – and maybe there was an energy thing that we reacted to but we are both so connected and loved by spirit, otherwise we would never have seen in each other the beauty and power. You support me so deeply… I would NEVER have done that card without you just as I know you still distrust the card you inspired
Danny – hm, lol, the card is beautiful
Colette – but I have to tell you my friend that your card comes up often in my readings and every time it does people are close to sobbing because of the resonance it triggers within them
Danny – but to fully open my heart in true belief. I’m always so very happy when you tell me that people are so touched by my card,not out of pride or anything, but because that is what I really really want to be, a beacon of love that touches hearts with a healing energy
Colette – 
but more than touched, they see in your energy through the card that you are a pathway to belief… a belief in themselves
Colette – you already are! please write… write for others if not for yourself. I ache to hear your wisdom. I know you are a key for me yet to another level of understanding my own power
Danny – writing…
Colette – 
hugs…   ; ) no pressure
Danny – you are an anchor stone who marks the pathway to believing…no pressure lol
Colette – We are a mirror to each other’s depth I believe
Danny – 
anyway, writing.. nothing I would love more, but but but is it laziness? fear? disbelief?
Colette – excuses… then be a guest blogger on my post
Danny – 
uhm, ok, several things: I’d love this…first spontaneous thought and feeling, followed by can I write something that is worthwhile, without readers laughing
Colette –  Why would they laugh? 

Danny – thinking: oh, here’s another lad presuming to be wise and thinking he can actually write
Colette – so 3 laugh but 100 are helped and my cards… I want them to touch a thousand people… or more … A
nd I think people will say “here is another photographer who thinks she has a great series”
Danny – lol yeah yeah we know all the excuses, don’t we?
Colette – then I get someone who has tears to see the image or message, then I have thank you notes come, then I have healing happen before my very eyes… my dear… it is not the words or the images or you or me…
it is the INTENT
you intend to do good
you intend to help
you intend to lead
you intend to share
you intend to love
your intention makes it good
your intention makes it helpful
your intention is love
don’t you see?

Danny – 🙂

Colette – well I know what my blog is going to be – inspired by this
Danny – lol, perhaps we should have conversations like these, which could make good stuff for blog writing
Colette – lol… well I may just copy and paste a portion of this conversation as my blog … then you will be writing without hardly lifting a finger
Danny – Interesting… I 
 was going to retire and ponder all this,
Colette –  but you need this too, as I do… to recharge
Danny – indeed, it nourishes my soul
Colette – aww… thank you… just felt such a light enter my heart
Danny – we resonate on a deep level, and by connecting consciously like just now, we strengthen the light in our souls with pure love and the soul responds with a deep gentleness
Colette – and breathes in more love and light
Danny –  and brings a warm peace to the heart and the pathways from soul to divine essence open up so that essence can flow to us

I know this sharing is long however I think it could be enjoyable by many… and I believe many of you will get a glimpse of why I know Danny is meant to write a heal book or at the very least a healing series of posts. His beauty shines even in these few words 🙂