Oct 3The last few days have been filled with many requests for card readings and lately they seem to be from people with no specific question just seeking reminders.

This is why today I have been guided to just pull cards for this post without any conscious question in my thoughts while doing so. Therefore opening up to the full potential of just accepting what the Universe wished to have communicated.

As per my habit, when drawing for myself or for my posts, I used the cards that presented themselves during my shuffling by either falling out or jumping out of the deck.

This time a 4th card presented itself and I figured this was a card that should also be included today.

It seems a mystery to me just yet how this 4th card will play out in the sequence but I am sure it will reveal itself to me as I focus on the words that come to me as I type. The right message just seems to come forward each time.

Card #1I am Spirit 4x6
I am Spirit
Constant Connection is Guaranteed

This card is about the whispers that find us and remind us that we are never truly alone.

When we are in the flow and open to guidance we are aware of just how deeply we are connected to Source but even when we are not open the connection remains. Too easily we shut down the remembering of our higher selves and ignore the sounds of the spheres and other reminders of our truth place in the light. But even at these times of lack of sight and hearing we are still a part of the whole and never alone.

In this sequence, I feel that this card presents itself as the foundation to how the rest of the draw plays out by reminding us that Possibility, Wisdom and Prosperity are all rooted in how in tune we are to Spirit as much as anything.

By being truly solid in our Spirit connection we are capable of anything.

I am Possibility 4x6Card #2
I am Possibility
Wonders are Available if Asked For

This card easily supports the write up regarding card #1.

All we desire and need is at our finger tips and it is in our power to reach for it. Action is requited. Focused action at that. None of that wishy washy stuff… plain old clear asking without doubt at it is already on its way.

Anything is possible if you believe!

The visual cues that stand out to me in this card at this time is the solid stance that reflects confidence and commands attention. It reads to me to mean that power in the ask is deeply important. The second visual that stands out for me to speak on at this time is the triangles and pointed patterns within the card’s image. Triangles are often the symbol for vessels and vessels are often wombs are described and therefore this speaks to me about nurturing and gestation required to have things come forward. Just stay focused and allow the right amount of time to pass to see the wonders you seek.

Card #3I am Wisdom 4x6
I am Wisdom
Each Day is a New Opportunity to Grow

What a powerful card to have join the first two in this series. As mentioned in the write-up for card 1, true wisdom is rooted in your awareness to the connection you have to Spirit although it is also about staying open and willing to see opportunity.

It is never too late to learn to be open to all the information you already have access to. It is possible to request infinite volumes of information but it is also wise to trust that what you need to know will come to you at the right time without force or pressure.

There is wisdom in patience. Time holds lessons.

You will know when a opportunity to add to your wisdom is presenting itself if you remain open and aware rather than surrounding yourself in fear and doubt. What is possible still remains to be revealed so the true meaning of “anything is possible” is yet to be fully realized.

All that is required is your trust and acceptance.

I am Prosperity 4x6

Card #4
I am Prosperity
When you Believe you will Achieve

As I type this I have become quite aware of the fact that I have focused the write ups for at least 2 of the other cards around believing in yourself and the things that can come to you.

In truth I had not 100% recalled the message at the bottom of the Prosperity card so I am sitting here smiling enjoying the joke that the Universe played on me this evening that serves to remind me to just simply trust.

I say this because, as you may recall from the first paragraph of this reading tonight, I tried to guess at how this 4th card would fit in when I pulled it and why it seemed important to have it remain. The smile on my face broadens as I accept the lesson given and acknowledge the reminder that all is as it should be.

So, to return to the reading and the comment I feel this card means to everyone, and not just for me, the message of this card is that prosperity will come as you accept, believe and release fear.

Brush away the energy debris inherent in such things as doubt, misgivings, and anger that hide your sparkle and shine!