What happened to “Just a few note cards”?

The original incarnation of Mystic as “Into the Mystic” had indeed been intended as a series of note cards and calendars. I had bags and other marketable products designed and produced with my images on them. I had a few stores that were carrying the product and these were selling moderately well.

Two things happened that shifted my initial direction with the images in the Mystic series.

The first of these was the push by a few individuals to get the product out there in spite of the general malaise I felt in knowing the work and timing just was not quite there yet for me. The second aspect that stalled me in my earlier work with my Mystic images was the fact that I was not feeling satisfied in just having people buy “pretty” images. I wanted to make a difference and help people through my images.

I guess I could have continued to push product and wall décor and calendars and maybe I would have eventually come to this same passage in my life where my images carry more than aesthetic value and can evoke healing messages in those intuitive and open to their intent and energy.

My personal motivation for creating a deck to be used as a tool for self-growth and healing is in fact the value I have gained over the years through my personal use of Divination decks and Angel or Faerie cards. I own several decks myself including Tarot. I have studied the symbolism in Tarot and the way certain aspects of all these deck have opened up new perspectives for me about my situations and potential when I worked with them.

The journey to making this deck has taken a few turns. What started as Into the Mystic and had a few note cards and a simple idea evolved to Tales of Faerie with more images being created in the style of Mystic through to the most recent incarnation as Back to the Mystic before Mystic Bliss could become a reality. I had to go through the process of stalls and detours in order for my own healing to have a chance to take place. None of the words written for Mystic Bliss could have come from that deepest part of me before all these lessons had happened.

The concept of “Just a few note cards” that started the whole thing rolling felt safe and this was what I needed early in. Now “safe” does not satisfy my soul. Safe makes no major ripples in the world. So no longer do I rest in “safe” … I am planning of shifting and causing healing ripples in the fabric of reality for many. Those who are ready will find the cards powerful and useful and this is what drives me to get these out there.