Question: Sometimes we feel tested and lack clarity in our choices. What guidance do you offer?

Today when I drew the cards they were the “Jumpers” that I picked… the ones that pop out when I am shuffling. It felt the way to do it this time and should be noted that it is how I normally select my cards when reading for myself. I do find the combination of cards interesting personally for many reasons however I will try to do the reading without too much personal chatter although this may be unavoidable.

Card 1 – Purpose ~ Power of Spirit can Hold Back the Dark

When I recently did a card reading for a dear friend via email, this was one of the cards at showed up. At that time I noticed a new thing in the card that had never been prominent for me and I am still seeing these for today’s reading. What that was the tree trunks. This may appear to be an odd thing to draw my attention at first but let me explain:

When lost in the forest it is often the tree trunks that appear daunting and what blocks your path or vision. This is a little contrary to what we often associate trees with symbolically. Trees have long been linked to wisdom and connection to heavenly dimensions by the sheer fact that their roots run deep into the earth and their limbs reach high up into the heavens. It is therefore natural to have mixed feelings when seeing the trees and fallen trunks that seem to block the path represented within this image.

Tie this back to the question and the affirmation message of this card and we have the reason the trees speak so much to me right now: Fear not the obstacles and resistance to your forward progress simply know that all the information you need is already there for you and standing tall and strong in the face of a challenge empowers you. Move forward with confidence.

Card 2 – Belief ~ Unconditional Love is Stronger than Fear

Since so much attention was placed on the 1st card I will be brief here I think. The message and image pretty much speaks for itself anyway. When you approach a situation with unconditional love and passion it raises your Belief that you can accomplish anything. You sometimes need to just be reminded of what is already inside you. If a barrier appears maybe it is intended to be a mirror of what is already in you to overcome said barrier not the blockage it appears to be.

Card 3 – Confidence ~ Hold Steady and Trust What Is

I just reviewed the way I phrased the question for this week in order to respond to this card fully and found myself smiling. As an instructor at the college level I often test my students on what they have learned and retained from the lessons I have given. From that perspective I see the test as a way to assist the student by becoming aware of gaps in their knowledge that needs to be addressed not as a measure of worth or ability. Normally a reflection and revision is implemented after a test in order to make sure the student may proceed properly equipped. From the position of an education I have every confidence that tests are beneficial. It is therefore quite strange, and amusing now in retrospect, that the question I held for the reading this week as I drew the cards seemed to imply that tests were a bad thing rather than simply part of the process that makes us stronger. Suddenly my Purpose, Belief and Confidence feels elevated. I hope this is true for all of you dear readers.