July 6 2015mmAs we begin this week the message is clear and speaks about the joy and peace you will receive when you focus on the things that empower your direction and vitality.

This combination of cards is a validation about staying connected.


I am VitalityCard 1 ~ I am Vitality

We gain energy from doing what is in balance to our purpose. At times we are distracted and forget to check in. These are the times we find ourselves somewhat frustrated or confused or even completely on the wrong path.

When we do remember that we are not alone, that help is as close as our inner knowing, we feel full and vital. In regaining that connection and shifting back to the tasks and direction of energy that serves the higher self and the universe we no longer feel drained in our physical or foggy in our mental functions. Everything just works better.

When things work better we find less obstacles and more opportunity.

However remember to be grateful for the detours and challenges as they have indeed also had a purpose in what they brought to you in knowledge and growth.

Card 2 ~ I am Tranquility 

I am Tranquility 4x6This gentle card serves to guide us back to what serves our greater good. It holds many symbolic reminders about the ease we experience if we do not force things.

The rock is a solid foundation and represents our knowledge and experience.

The green vegetation our bright future and potential for growth.

The water reflects back to us our true beauty, washes and cleanses us and carries new meaning and messages to us. We simply need to remain at rest and in receiving mode and we will gain what is needed before we press on.

Sitting at rest and contemplating what has taken place while we were distracted is a very powerful tool in our journey. It does not always serve to push and grab at what we think we want/need… we are never separate from our abundance from Source… it is that sometimes we are too busy to recall our connection.

I am JoyCard 3 ~ I am Joy

This card always makes me feel lighter and more focused. It reminds us that the greater goal is to find what fills our spirits with Joy.

When we experience connection as in the Vitality card and relax long enough to appreciate it as in the Tranquility card it is easy to experience a lightness and comfort in knowing we are indeed supported and loved.

It is important that I note that EACH of the three cards shows the figure on something solid. A foundation that supports and holds true. This is very much a reminder that we are always supported and that support is rock steady.

This indeed is a delightful card spread and it pleases me to share it with you today.

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