It was recently decided that a new series of posts specific to card readings and Mystic would begin today and continue on regular Mondays and would from now on be known as Mystic Monday.

Welcome to the first of likely many Mystic Monday posts.

This week I will feature a new card reading and an update of the happenings behind the scenes of Mystic by Colette since the last bit of news.
Mystic Monday March 9th

I-am-ConfidenceThe three cards drawn for today¬† are a result of “jumpers” which those regular readers or people who have had me do card readings for them will recognize as those cards that pop out of the rest of the deck while shuffling is taking place.

I find these three cards work very well together in as much as they represent the need to balance confidence and belief while recognizing potential in oneself or a project being taken on.

The key factor about confidence is, to a certain extent, standing strong in an opinion or thought that can lead you into new adventures or direction when it comes to career or other major life elements. It also indicates the connection to faith in our convictions, skills and knowledge as we tackle starting new ventures or embarking on fresh undertakings.

There is a long list of precedence in each of our lives that reflect just how powerful confidence is. When you are confident enough in your direction it seems very few things will derail your thoughts. Be conscious of this evidence of past successes in your own life tied to the message of this card and you will find many doors will open.

The second card is one of my favorites for many reasons yet it is the way I respond to the meaning behind the card that makes it powerful in my own life. Many of the people who have received this card in a reading or random draw feel very strongly about it as well. I-am-BeliefI have yet to have someone question my statement that belief is rooted in love.

This card is a reminder that the power or source behind our existence and actions is indeed more powerful than the darkness we sometimes allow to hamper our progress. We are loved and self-love is a valuable tool when facing challenges or opportunities. Few things can cause us to stumble if we approach any task with the belief that we deserve the positive that it has the potential to bring to us. Fear of failure is fear of an illusion and nothing else. Love, especially unconditional love, is quite powerful when we allow it to flow through and around us no matter what the circumstances of our situations may reflect when viewed from a place of fear.

There is no lack because love exists.

This brings us to the third card for this Mystic Monday post.

I am Possibility 4x6There is a strong desire in me to state that thsi card is indeed a representation of all of existence. Is it not a fact that we are all possibility incarnate? Life and living is a series of successes over what may at first seem impossible. All things are impossible until we at least try. Therefore it fots that all things are possible if we but try.

Making the initial foreray into some new direction sets us up to learn new things, gain new skills and experience new awareness. Still it is not uncommon for so many of us to often fail to embrasse what is possible in ourselves because of the deep seeded fears and old patterns we hold on to simply because of habit.

This is why I feel these three cards work well together as the first two assist us in understanding what is needed for us to recongnise just what is possible if we have the confidence to ask for it.

Now for a short update (more to come soon). A new batch of books has recently been ordered since the first set has sold out. New images have been captured as the second edition of Mystic series cards started production since Christmas. The third little tidbit I wish to share is that writing has begun already on two new books that I plan to complete at the same time as the second deck is ready. No firm timeline yet on these but my intended timeline brings me to this time next year. Look for updates and a new and improved website soon.