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This week’s cards speak of stability and letting go of expectations and deferring to your inner knowing when at a crossroads.

Too often we try to push through instead of allowing things to come at their proper pace. This causes frustration for many of us and leaves us feeling like we are spinning our wheels.July 13 2015mm

I know I am not alone in the quest for immediate gratification as this is the age of instant food, faster access to information and pushing our kids through the education system.

Patience in a hard thing for many of us to muster but yet it is a golden skill when it comes to life paths and destiny.

Card 1 ~ I am Surrender

At times we simply need to allow and accept that the Universe may have other plans for us than the ones we have been trying to influence from our ego.

It is challenging to be humble and be at ease with what comes. This is where trust becomes a key factor in our daily activity.

This card presents itself in this set as the first card so in fact asks you to be open to the message that the rest of the cards bring to you this week specifically but also reminds you that a practice of surrender has the ability to present more opportunities and deeper experiences since the Universe is far more vast in it’s ability to manifest than is possible through our human limitations. I am Wisdom 4x6

Allow it to do what it is simply amazing at.

Card 2 ~ I am Wisdom

One of the things we often forget to give credit to is the vast pools of knowing we already have. We forget that each day, each hour and each minute is a cornucopia of lessons and awareness building gems.

This card focuses us back to this remembering. It shows us the diverse skills and foundations we may have been taking for granted.

In conjunction with the Surrender card in this case it will echo for many that it is time to tap into the skills you have been building and take the next step in a project or make a change of some sort that will utilize yet untapped resources.

I am Tranquility 4x6Card 3 ~ I am Tranquility

Peace of mind will be the gift you will receive if you relax your desire to push for ego based goals.

At least this is the message that this card reflects by being the third card in this week’s set. Many see the card in the spot as one that represents the future and that may be so but I prefer to look on it as representing the Now.

Now simply is. 

Most of us cloud this moment with of what is to come or regrets of what has past rather than just enjoy what this moment offers. Maybe that is all that needs to be spoken about this card today so that each of you may decide for yourself just what your Now is to you in this moment and each moment you pause and breath in the tranquility that is within reach if you believe that you are just where you are intended to be right Now.
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