I was thinking this morning how free I felt and how confident that I was moving in the right direction in my life and this was with me while I was pulling the cards for this week’s reading.

Because I have felt a huge release at the start of this new year compared to previous years when resolutions and plans are broken even within the 1st week I started thinking of ways to share this lightness with others.

The framing of the question for this week was then simple.

“How can we reduce the guilt we feel at new beginnings such as New years?”

Once again I used the “jumper” method of selecting the cards which means that if it fell out or jumped from the deck while shuffling then it was the selected one. The first card in fact fell out even before I started shuffling… I picked up the deck and it stayed on the table surface and did not join its companions. I just allowed it to stay there and it became the 1st card…

Card 1 ~  I am Potential – Every Possibility Lies in the Seed of a Dream

I think I know why it stayed behind and was intended for this week and this question:
New beginnings and crossroads are feared by many and indeed I have been guilty of fear at these times myself. This leads us to doubt ourselves, our choices and feel a lack that is maybe not really there. Everyone and everything is full of potential. It doesn’t matter if others do not at first see the same dream as us or understand what is motivating us towards something new and different… all that matters is that the possibility for us to dream is there… already… looking for expression. You don’t have to know what form it will take in the long run you just have to accept that each moment is full of potential.
Before I complete this part of the write up I want to tie this card more back into the question at hand while preparing for this reading… I believe that guilt is in place for many of us as an answer to the things we did not do in spite of all our best intentions in the past because of our fear that somehow we would be challenged beyond what we felt capable of achieving. We failed to see the potential and therefore we feel guilty about having short changed ourselves… release the guilt!

Card 2 ~ I am Abundance – Open your Heart to the Glory of Each Moment

I do not feel a huge urge to dwell too much on this card. The message in it is strong and really very individual when companioned with the previous card. I will say however on this card that when we see the potential we hold for abundance without fear our dreams do have wings. Live for the new moments… not the ones you worry you missed out on before this new beginning… just realise that you have the chance to shift your perspective NOW and not worry about how you may have “lacked” in the past.

Card 3 ~ I am Joy – A Joyful Heart Knows Change and Prosperity

Bang On! And a perfect tie up card for this reading. I am Joy is a special card for me on many levels and I feel compelled to share a little as to why. This image, and the way it made me feel when thinking about it, is actually the seed (see card 1) that inspired my dream of creating this deck. It was the original card let’s say. My new beginnings that blossomed the day I made the choice to create this deck and bring it to the public. It seems fitting to have it be the card that reflects the result of what happens if you release guilt of past failures and the fear that somehow you will be found wanting if you dare dream of a better reality for yourself. This JOY is what you experience if you allow yourself to be fully realised in all that you do especially at new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions do not have to be a weight or responsibility or even a challenge that ends up being a measure of your worth if you diversify from your original plan… they can simply be a guide to understanding what you need to kick-start your full potential into realization… who said they were law? They are just a starting point… if they shift during the process of the journey in importance than just be thankful for the fact they were there to support your resolve while progressing to the next phase. Let yourself be lighthearted and in ”joy” or enjoy.