Welcome to the weekly general card reading feature being introduced today.

Card 1 – I am Wonder ~ Through Innocent Eyes All is New ~

I felt this card very fitting in light of the brand new year. We currently have a clean slate on which to write a new story, one filled with potential of wonder and surprises. It is a blessing to allow ourselves to be open at the start of anything new: the year, a new project (such as me doing readings here), opportunities that present themselves or just about anything that is an opening or portal to wonder-ful things.

Card 2 – I am Wisdom ~ Each Day is a New Opportunity to Grow ~

I must share here that this card has shown itself in the last 5 readings I have done since I have had my prototype deck in my hands as of yesterday afternoon… on a personal note it speaks to me of how my sharing of the cards will bring wisdom for myself as well but on a more general basis, such as is the intent of the question asked at the drawing of this card, I want to express that so much of what we carry forward from our previous year(s) into this new year is the foundation of the wisdom we can use to expand ourselves each day. Build on what you already know and watch for those new doors to open.

Card 3 – I am Tranquility ~ When at Rest the Best is Revealed ~

In short? RELAX! Too many of us forget to stay put and allow ourselves to become aware of what is already in our lives and experiences that we can be grateful for. So take a moment to do a review in the blessings column of your tally sheet. You may be surprised at what is there waiting for you top acknowledge.

Wishing you sweet realities

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