This is the 3rd in the 2014 weekly card reading series.
This week my focus has been on the new semester at the college where I teach and yesterday’s preoccupation with my first class. Teaching Portfolio Development to students in their final semester is interesting. The first thing I notice is how unsure they are of themselves these first few weeks and how by the end of the semester they have found their footing and are glowing with a feeling of direction.

But this is early in the semester so the questions seemed to be rooted in self-doubt in some cases so I felt this strong influence to pose the question for this week’s card reading with this in mind to a certain extent.

So the question for this week is:
Thinking outside the box is scary… stretching into new directions hard… what are the tools at our disposal as we push ourselves towards our full expression?

Card 1: I am Fruition ~ Celebrate Even Small Things in a Great Way

The Fruition card holds an interesting message for me today in light of the question.

Harvest after hard work is certainly something to be celebrated… but a harvest is not something you leave to chance or fate… you plan for the success and full realization of the bounty you can generate through your efforts. So the first tool you have at your disposal is the ability to visualise where you are heading, what your rewards will be and how abundant it will all feel. Eye on the prize reminder it seems.

Through the fruition card today I am feeling a cradling of many tasks… hands are full but they are capable hands. The other thing I wish to express as it comes to me in review once more of this image is the volume of space in behind the messenger in this card. This space is feeling open… like an opportunity is present and all the lush green speaks of beginnings even if the season is obviously harvest and therefore late summer or early fall in my lovely country Canada… still something is drawing me inward and behind this child of the forest towards what awaits if I simply choose to not focus on the obvious and stretch my view on things.

Card 2: I am Possibility ~ Wonders are Available if Asked For

I spoke of this in class this week… how with many hands and helpers anything is possible. Look beside and all around you and see the allies you have. Yes stretching and exploring yourself offers challenges of faith in your ability so it is imperative that you study those who are done or are doing what you hope to. Asking for help is only one way to “ask” for something. Sometimes it is in the standing still and observing and other times a call to action like research shows the need and that translates to an ask in my opinion when it comes to source listening to what you need. Being complacent and feeling unmotivated will not generate the energy within you or outwardly to attract what you are striving for. I did say earlier standing still… but please note that I was not implying doing nothing… just listen, observe and learn… standing still can have a lot of activity behind it.

I will leave this card for now as I am not getting anything else from it.

Card 3: I am Balance ~ Connection to Soul Outweighs Chaos

One thing that draws my attention in this 3rd card actually is the way it seems to interplay with the previous when placed beside it. The messengers have their back to each other and are nearly perfectly opposite to each other in colour tone and seasons. This seems to reinforce the “Balance” aspect to me so I suspect that this means extra emphasis on the importance of remembering to stay balanced while stretching and exploring new avenues of expression is to be considered. Although the figure in the card is strong and confident in appearance like she has planted her stance and not much would move her because she is so balanced, there is a fluid feel to the sparkles and leaves swirling around her. This implies to me a gentleness that has tempered the stance a little.

But let me focus… how does this further reflect back to the question? Oh yes… I forgot to put any emphasis on the companion phrases or the cards this reading so far… How could I have missed so obvious a tool? We are always connected as the companion phrase of this card states. The connection to our inner knowing is one of our most powerful tools and even in the chaos of new ideas, change in direction while pushing ourselves to our limits… we can maintain our balance. Not only a tool to assist us through to new adventures but also a true gift that we can never fully loose even when times seem hard. We are always connected.
Please note that this week my shuffling and dealing was traditional. The cards that you see are the 3 that came to be flipped from the top of the deck after a cut of the deck.