MM with tangerine smallMay 4 Mystic Monday

The three cards that came up for today continue a theme that has been seen the last few weeks.

This theme is about remaining positive in your outlook and feeling grateful for what comes your way. The third card I am Choice is also an echo from previous readings and intended to gently guide us back to our power: we choose how we feel about what we experience.

I am Gratitude

I am Gratitude returns and it seems clear to me that I need to restate that the most effective way to change your situation is to change your attitude. The fact that this card is repeated for us this week adds to the importance of remembering this.

Fortunately, feeling grateful is such a wonderful state that we work towards this state often. It is highly preferred over the other option.

When in a state of grace we feel light, our energy is elevated and things just move better or faster towards our goals. As humans, we are conditioned to strive towards these types of feelings and when we are gifted with nice moments we smile and enjoy.

At least we could… that is our choice… but that is card three.

I am Wonder


Card 2 is I am Wonder and speaks to us about the fresh outlook we can adopt that will help us be in a more grateful state.

By looking at everything with fresh eye, innocent of fear and judgement, we can see the positive in the situation. This helps us in a variety of ways. The main benefit of course is that from this perspective we are able to approach everything with an open mind.

Releasing our need to judge or over analyse a situation, circumstance or result allows us to be free of the expectations normally attached to what we do or how we do it. It frees us to try new things.

Being in wonder is freeing.

I-am-ChoiceSince this card, I am Choice, has been seen a few times the last few weeks I think it is safe to keep this part of the write up fairly brief.

We choose the way we react. We choose the way we feel. If that is the case I think it needs to be examined why the “human condition” seems to direct so many of us to make choices in our reactions, emotions and patterns that keep us from becoming fully aware of our potential and light.

This card reminds us to make clearer choices.

Overall, this spread supports those from the past two weeks in giving us guidance towards being more positive and grateful.


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