march 16th MM



The card reading for this week feels very balanced.

These ‘jumpers’, the cards that pop out when shuffling, speak about relaxing and not pushing or trying so hard when working on a project or directing yourself towards the completion of some task.

In short as I look at this spread I hear: Things that are to be are already destined and that is part of the beauty of living in the now. Belief in this will empower you.

This is indeed great news for many of us as we are often driven to excel in EVERTHING we set out to do when in fact, as I have learned from experiences, there will always be things we are not intended to succeed at since we were already destined to not. The lesson is held in the incompletion or the failure. We need to simply believe that the process is important even if we can’t complete it.

I feel that the spread and how these cards presented themselves is what is important rather than the individual cards this week so much of what is needed to be expressed for this week is already stated. Trust the beautiful process and learning you are destined for to reach your goals.

That said, I will still speak about the individual cards briefly as well.

I am Destiny: Being open minded and asking for clarity in what you are destined for will serve your process and growth well.

I feel inspired to speak about the symbolism of the green foundation of this image as it reflects the potential inherant in new growth.

It then impacts me to speak about the symbolism I see in the tree trucks. These are not straight. It implies that of path along our destiny is not actually predictable or nessacarely straight. There is also a texture, a roughness, about these trunks that reminds us that not everything goes smooth at all times yet they are still good, strong and viable.

The bright patch behind the subject is an indication that even if we do not see it or recongnise the value in all the things we have been through, we are supported by what is already behind us. these things shape us and light our way.
I am Beauty 4x6

I am Beauty: Vibrant and flowing in brilliant energy, this card also reminds us that everything that is the foundation of who we are; whether we consider our experiences, the connections we have made or the lessons we have learned; is made up of layers and layers of solid fragments of our lives.

Everything we need is already is us and can be counted on. This is the beauty of the human existance.

I-am-BeliefI am Belief: This is the second time this month that this card has presented itself for Mystic Mondays.

In my opinion, this is a powerful reminder from Source that when you are solid in your belief in yourself and what you are focused on that anything is possible.

It is however to be gentle with yourself and love yourself and your destiny unconditionally. Fear of the unknown will fall away in the face of faith and love.

This week’s Mystic Monday holds hope and encouragement for all seekers on this journey. Be at ease. You are supported and loved.