June 8 2015 MMIf we take this spread literally we will understand that happiness is a balance of our results and our thoughts.

This is something we often forget. Ideas and thinking must be coupled with the action of harvesting our intuitive gifts and working towards the dreams we have to find the ray of hope that will sustain us.

I am Fruition 4x6I am Fruition within this spread is about our personal harvest around our strengths and being aware of the abundance within ourselves that enables us to reach our highest potential.

Even a small act, a delicate shift can result in great harvest of a fulfilling nature. The things that can lighten your heart and conquer your fears are already in your reach. Celebrate your accomplishments.

By claiming our joy, as we are reminded in I am JoyI am Joy, we are celebrating all that we are. We bask in the light of our self-awareness and invite wonderful things into our lives.

Finding ways to enhance our joy is simply a matter of being open and approaching everything first from the heart. This does not mean having a rose colored glasses approach to things at all times, more accurately it means finding the good within every situation but being also aware of the lessons within the challenges.

I-am-AwarenessIn the 3rd card, I am Awareness, all the above comes into focus as we are reminded of our fullest potential.

By paying attention, being open minded and fully conscious in our daily activities and thoughts we enhance our opportunity for tapping into positive thinking and therefore attracting  joy.

The law of attraction works both ways… we can bring to ourselves the things that trouble us or we can choose to be aware of our thoughts and actions to draw towards ourselves the things that make us happy.

One of the most difficult lesson we often need to face is the fact that we are to a great extent responsible for our own destiny through our thoughts and choices. Choose joy!


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