MM with tangerine small This week’s cards are interesting in how they came up. What I find interesting is the fact that it is indicating to me that it is important that we find a way to balance the things we are inspired to do with finding our life’s purpose.

July 20 2015 mm






I am not sure about you but I know that this is a constant struggle for me. So let us explore these cards a bit further and see where this takes us as far as inspiration as we begin this week.

Card 1 ~ I am Balance Connection to Soul Outweighs Chaos

One of the biggest struggle for many of us is the ability to see past the chaos and frustration that throws off our balance. We forget to fill our cup or vessel and replenish ourselves in order to be at our best.

In the face of a challenge it is wise to look to ourselves first and do a quick check in to know that we are equipped physically and emotionally and spiritually for what is coming. Taking those few moments to reconnect and remember that we are supported and protected and being guided is a vital part of our basic needs.

Being balanced is not about time management but about self awareness and being at ease with our confident connection.

I am Inspiration 4x6 Card 2 ~ I am Inspiration

This card indeed serves as a reminder that, when we are inspired and get those brilliant flashes of ideas or energy, we are being guided and supported. The trick is to be able to trust that we are never given anything we cannot handle.

It may seem that too much is coming at us at once and it may feel like chaos at times yet if we do breath in that sureness of our foundation we have been establishing and building on with all our experiences and all our knowledge then we going to find our footing strong and sure.

From this point of sure footing we can proceed with confidence and live the message of the 3rd card.

Card 3 ~ I am PurposeI-am-Purpose


Now that we have balanced our inspiration with our skills and knowledge we can face our purpose with confidence.

It seems important to mention a couple of things at this point about this card.

One: the water indicates “non resistance” as being a major factor to fulfilling our purpose with ease and efficiency. Too many of us, myself included, try to push away the obstacles rather that to ease past them with fluidity and confidence. Things may get a little bumpy but we do end up at our destination anyway.

Two: This image shows a vessel which holds light as opposed to the other 2 cards which contained vessels that could hold water (again that water thing) which speaks to me about inner guidance and finding that spark of light that we can hold onto as a strong purpose through turbulent times. We can regain our balance easily if we maintain our bright spirit and follow our inspiration.

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