Funny how after so long I finally GET IT. If it is your thoughts and ideas and what you know that keeps you in the poverty loop then it is obvious that these same things can take you out.

abundance-quoteApplying some of the techniques taught to me by Max Simon  I have learned something so valuable that it is altering my very perception of my whole world. Yes yes and sure sure these bits of information were available before and yes I had heard them yet I was reminded of while watching Louise Hay’s movie “You can Heal your life” the other day was that the message will be sent to you as many times as it needs to be sent to you till you are ready to receive it. That may mean that you read a book on abundance and say “that’s impossible” at the notion that you are the mapmaker for your own journey and circumstances and then by accident happen to hear a guest speaker at a service group you belong too say the very same thing is a new way to you and you say “that is the most incredible thing” you have ever heard.

I speak from experience here. And yes many dear friends and very special people and gifted healers have bruised their proverbial heads banging them on the wall out of sheer frustration in how to get through to me. Relax guys, you can rest now… I get it! hugs

The one gift everyone saw in me, and I refused to see other than outside of myself, is this positive and beautiful energy I am able to reflect to others to see in themselves. I had been blind to my own potential and struggled with what my self worth was yet I hold in me the ability to bring out some powerful things in others. In truth I guess I always figured that I was only the messenger of some amazing force and not the carrier of that same… till now.

Now I am seeing just what my thoughts are able to bring to me in the way of “abundance”. Before I go any further I need to
define the word “abundance” (which as I reflect on right now come to the realization that it is the very 1st card in my new empowerment deck MYSTIC BLISS) .

Abundance is the reward we get for living with a light and grateful heart. It is the little things as well as the big ones and it is a reflection of how we see ourselves and the value we bring to the world.

Abundance1Abundance is measure differently by each one of us. Abundance comes in many shapes and sizes and really is only in part the financial situation you find yourself in… it is by far more important to determine how abundance looks for you than measure your state by someone else’s ruler. Abundance is what I have been experiencing over and over the last few days. For this I am deeply grateful. Let me share…

It started with being invited out my friend’s for an overnight stay complete with rest and relaxation, meditation, a reflective walk and access to the many resources in her personal library featuring some of my most valued mentors (Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and a myriad of others). Her desire to try a new to her restaurant led to me receiving a lovely vegetarian meal to which I said a simple “Thank you” both to her and to Source. Then it seemed an age old blockage was simply overcome… since then, due in part to the amazingly powerful affirmation suggested in “You Can Heal Your Life – The Movie”, I have been on the receiving end of the joyous news of my daughter’s engagement to a wonderful man, been the witness and “midwife” to the birth 4 adorable kittens, had surprise visits or random encounters in stores involving old friends, an impromptu gift from a student in appreciation for extra help received and Zig Ziglar’s Legendary Goals Program Pick Four workbook through a coworker at the college and been made aware of yet another super exciting webinar information event on self empowerment.

I feel truly blessed and indeed energized by the simple idea and acceptance that I am WORTHY!!!

This smile on my face could light the night.
Be Light