each day is a giftEach day is a gift.

There is so much to be said for the way we look at each situation and the choices we make about how these are affecting us.

Sometimes it is easier to allow ourselves the luxury, and of course I use this term very lightly, of negative energy when “stuff” happens. Easier but not in the results on how we feel but easier because it is familiar and therefore pretty much a habit.

The funny thing about habit, I have recently found, is that these can be trained out of you. I am not talking “training” such as going to the gym or getting up at dawn , downing 6 raw eggs and pushing yourself to your physical limits. I am talking about something that will not tax the body, and in fact can heal the body, which revolves around simply exercising the mind.


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Lately I have found many things changing in my life and the life of those around me such as my friends and clients. There has been a change of habit through exercising new thought patterns. Old patterns of thinking, and the reality we have attached to these, have been falling away. These have been replaced by softer and more positive patterns of reactions and thoughts. As this occurs more and more often in my own life, I have observed that less effort is required for me to maintain a positive attitude. When I originally began what I like to call my positive outlook training, it took conscious thought and effort to stay in a higher vibration. Now I find that effort is hardly required much less conscious thought around this practice of positive thinking. It definitely is much easier to maintain as it has shifted into a new habit and not an “effort required” task.

I won’t kid you, sometimes it will feel like everything that could go wrong will and ego will be right there putting pressure on your conscious mind to persuade you to revert back into your safe patterns of fear. At those times it is important to consider the strong evidence building in your awareness that you are in control of your thoughts and feelings and you can choose to know that the fears that are holding you back from your full potential are false.

If you maintain a strong intention to remain in a higher vibration of positive thought then you will soon find your fears and destructive thought patterns fading to a manageable whisper .

It is all in the intent. Your thoughts are powerful and can be used to build yourself up or take you to the breaking point.

Since I shifted my intention towards healing myself rather than tearing myself down, I have notice that my threshold for endurance during hard times and challenges and my joy in the face of the unknown growing stronger. My dreams are coming true because I am placing positive and gentle intention to them doing just that.

Wouldn’t you choose to see the gift in all experiences you encounter if you knew that each experience, negative or positive, is bringing you closer to the realization of your dreams?

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