Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. -Lao Tzu

The most amazing thing that has come to my awareness the last few years is how generous and kind people are by nature. I notice this more and more as I work towards my goal of getting published and accomplishing my dream of assisting others on their journey.

The Mystic project has introduced me to such powerful and insightful people who all wish for me the success I can envision. It just floors me at times, especially when I have faced barriers and hurdles in my progress, that people are so willing to support me.
As the quote above states… words have a great impact on the people in your life. Wonderful words of support are not something you can log or measure on a chart and yet I can say that if it was not for certain words from certain people I would never have managed to be at this stage with Mystic.
There is also energy in thought. This has been a huge part of my personal revelation towards self-worth as well… I have slowly and methodically shifted the thoughts I hold about myself and my work, and its potential, in order to generate more lightness in my energy which has allowed me to move forward.

And of course there is the great kindness of giving. I wish to use the spectacularly produced video for Mystic as an example. I was gifted with great quantities of time, expertise and service as soon as I began to explore creating a video for Mystic. Such great talent stepped up and said they would assist and give. I am grateful to Christian LeBlanc of 705Media for amazing video production at a spectacular rate. His time and expertise made the difference in so many ways for the final impact of the video. I also wish to thank Colin Sherif Ghannam, an offbeat and talented musician, who decided that my images and words inspired special music he wished to provide my project. You can hear the whole track (and more of his work) at

The finishing touch was the dulcet tones of David Eardley, a talented actor with Gorbett Talent Agency in Toronto. Something about someone with an authentic and sophisticated English accent saying “and the UK” that just adds credibility to the whole statement.
In short, the confidence I am experiencing, the profoundness of the work evolving and the love I feel these days are all because of the kindness I am experiencing from so many sources. These named relating to the video represent but a small percentage of those I am indeed very grateful to have in my life.
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