A funny thing happened on the way to the presses. High expectations were placed on the crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter however it seems that not enough people understood how it was set up. It did seem, at times, that some folks felt is was just an ask for money with no benefit to them when in fact it was an opportunity to obtain first edition sets of Mystic Bliss Empowerment Cards at a special price. Education seems to have been the key I missed in transferring this information to my friends and supporters. I apologize.

I have had many conversations lately with people who said they want to order a deck or more and are simply waiting until this was set up on my web site or when the cards were in the stores. I guess some things, especially in how we make purchases, are habit and new things intimidating. The whole concept of Kickstarter leaves the potential sponsors feeling maybe a little like they are risking or gambling on the success of the fundraiser. The truth is that it is a safe way to pledge support with no strings. The people who pledged in the now closed campaign have had nothing charged to their charge cards. It also means that I now have to work a little harder at raising the funds through advance sales to get the cards to press this spring as per my original plan.

It is indeed still my intention to make this happen. The cards have tested incredibly well in the test marketing and it is simply a matter of generating enough traffic to my web site now since this will be the only place, until May, that the cards are available to order. I am hoping that those who pledged originally to the fundraiser campaign will simply transfer their financial support to the Advance Order option coming soon to my web site.

Plans are in place to set up a way to purchase the first edition sets, and Certificates of Authenticity signed by yours truly, available as a single set or in multiples of three for extra savings, as part of the new advance sales option. Also coming is the opportunity for bulk orders of 10 or more at wholesale pricing. This option will be perfect for retail stores interested in carrying the cards but also for individuals looking for customer gifts and the like.

However, the function to order directly through the web site for individuals will be for a limited time only. Once the cards are in production, and being distributed through retail stores around the world, the link to buy through the site will be disabled.

There are many ideas still under development and I can assure you that they are exciting. All good things take time.