This Saturday is going to be a very special event for me and my Mystic project as it will be the first time that I showcase my cards publicly including performing mini card readings.

To date, most people have only seen bits and segments of what I have been creating the last few years. There is so much unknown about the whole of what Mystic has evolved into and it is time I unveiled the whole story.

To date, only a select few have been asked to review and test market my cards and the guidebook and I am deeply grateful for the suggestions and insights they have offered. What amazed me each time is how, instead of offering suggestions for changes and revisions, other than spelling or grammar errors caught, my test audience was deeply moved by what was presented and their responses allowed me the faith in the intuition that drives me.

Of course, one suggestion that came up regularly is “Share this now!” and yes I know that I have stalled somewhat. Interestingly enough the reason for the stalling is not fear but a tendency towards perfectionism it seems.

I am attempting to remind myself that the whole of what pertains to Mystic has been a process and not a matter of making something perfect. The beauty of the deck, and everything that revolves around it, is the simple fact that I am creating an avenue for myself and others to find their own perfection and how that looks for them. No one can define “perfect” for you. This realization is quite empowering.

This is the confidence that I am able to bring to the upcoming Empowerment Awareness Event this weekend. I am looking forward to sharing excerpts from the guidebook with everyone in attendance and telling my story. One of my special guests will include Colin Sheriff Ghannam who wrote the music score for my promotional video. The plan is also to have some of the mystic models present to share casually.

So much fun and entertainment planned.

The event is graciously hosted by Amy Thompson Owner of Soul Studios. This wonderful space is located at 40 Bellfarm Road, Unit 8 in Barrie.
Thank you also to Joanne Lougheed, a lovely yoga instructor and friend, for her unwavering support. Both Amy and Joanne will be on hand Saturday to respond to questions about services offered at Soul Studios when not playing host to me and my cards.

Come and enjoy a warm afternoon filled with Mystic stories, card readings, a faerie photo corner and empowering discussions.