I have been doing a bit of reading lately about the shifts happening in the energy all around us. Much of what I am reading is very new to me and at times I get frustrated with myself when I simply do not “get it” right away. Yet as I keep reading I begin to notice patterns and things become a bit more familiar in stages.

One article I read on http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/ hit home yesterday and helped me become more gentle and I am Patience 4x6accepting of the fact that time is what is needed during periods of growth and change. Nothing happens instantly and it is simply illogical to expect that one could integrate brand new philosophies and ideas all at once.

A huge paradigm shift has been taking place. Our ability to integrate new information at higher frequencies is increasing but only at a rate that each individual is able to adapt to. Why I would expect myself to be able to launch off faster than my wings can carry me is just ego talking and it is usually ego that tricks us into feeling frustrated when things do not advance as desired.

On a personal/professional note: My work is progressing on Mystic. Many hurtles (lessons when seen via the higher self) present themselves to be dealt with. Progress slows but thankfully does not stall. All is as it needs to be in the now.

When I do feel a bit stressed and shaky in my confidence, I have really enjoyed pulling a card to be reminded of the truth that for a moment I am blind to. The truth is… I started making these cards for my own journey and as a tool to assist myself in my growth. The fact that so many have found the images and words to ring true for them as well is delightful for me and is actually a bonus for the work and the resulting book and cards that came out of this work.

Even if I sell far less than the modest number I have in my head at this time in my still conservative mindset, I know that I have allowed myself to be used as a vehicle to help some folks while I helped myself.

Time is a great equalizer, in a few months all of my impatience at my slower than desired journey will be balanced out by the overall picture and I am truly grateful that, regardless of the end result, I have been given this time to effect deep changes in myself.

My time has come.