The question for today’s card is inspired by the blog post recently put up. I know what I have started doing when faced with challenges and obstacles but I do get a lot of people asking me for advice in this.

While shuffling I asked “What can one do when faced with unexpected obstacles along their path?”

As per my habit I selected the cards that presented themselves by popping up or falling out while I asked the question and shuffled.

What can we do when faced with obstacles?

What can we do when faced with obstacles?

Card 1 ~ I am ConfidenceI-am-Confidence
Hold Steady and Trust in What is

I could not have said it better myself in relationship to this question. This card is about standing strong and facing obstacles head on. Visually this is the message it holds as well. There is no doubt that the subject is not going to budge.

The best advice this card reminds us of is to find your footing along your path and trust that whatever comes as you proceed is intended to be a part of the process even it they appear to be obstacles. Just because we have the intention of accomplishing something does not mean it will always be an easy process… if it was easy we would end up taking even major successes as trivial things.

The nature of the journey is to expand and grow and sometimes that requires a testing of our metal. This will show up in a variety of ways but more often then not as challenges to our steadfastness as we work towards something we desire.

This is not to say that manifesting what we wish to will always cause us struggle… in fact the ability to manifest is inherent in all of us and can become second nature if we allow that transformation in our view of our limitations… what obstacles reflect back to us is the things we have yet to learn so just trust and persevere.

I am LightCard 2 ~ I am Light
The Higher Self Glows Eternal

As soon as this card presented itself I was reminded of that saying: Light at the end of the tunnel and smiled because of a recent image I posted on social media originally posted on The People’s  Voice  that for me said it all. It is not the Light that is the Illusion it is the Tunnel. Our internal light is constant.

Because of this truth we can remain strong and confident in the face of challenges.

As we become more aware of the light we already carry it is impossible to fear the perceived darkness of the obstacles along our journey. Some of the greatest gifts I have come to realize I have been given along my journey have been birthed directly from what I though was put there to break me.

I am certain that, on reflection of a very honest fashion, many of you would realize this same truth. Yes it takes courage to stop blaming the circumstances around you for the delays and detours but this effort is well rewarded with some extra enlightenment. It is already all in your hands just as this image depicts. Just become aware of it.

I am Flow 4x6Card 3 ~ I am Flow
Refresh Your Awareness Each Day

This card is a lovely ribbon that ties up this reading so well.

I often get a raised eyebrow as people read the message at the bottom of the card and try to figure out the meaning. After a few moments i usually get the knowing nods as the information filters back into their memory.

Each day is a new beginning and allowing things to shift and change around your without resistance is the easiest way to progress without fear or doubt. Going with the flow is not just a common phrase to appease you… it is a reminder that all is actually well no matter how the view from where you are makes it seem.

Being aware that there is always more to the picture that you can see from where you are allows you to take obstacles in stride rather than stress over them.

So how does one handle the obstacles placed along their journey?… I am delighted to share what I am learning in this: Be Confident, there is light ahead (and within) and allow yourself to relax and trust the flow. This reading has been a lovely confirmation for me as well and I thank you for allowing me this chance to share as I grow with this work as well.

Be light everyone
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