Canadian Thanksgiving that is.

Oct 8We all have things to be thankful for and at this time we celebrate those things.

Gratitude and thankfulness creates positive energy and it is what we do during this time of positive energy to direct it that makes the difference. The trouble is, most of us need these holidays to reminds us to be grateful.

What if we were thankful regularly? How do we focus our energy towards creating positivity on a consistant basis?


This card draw may hold the answer as this was the intention I held while setting up for this card reading.

Card 1 ~ I am Clarity
Locate Clear Truth by Gazing InwardI-am-Clarity

This card is a representation of the truth that all we need is already known to us. The answer to all is easily accessed if we just focus. Staying clear in our intent and being confident that the answer will reveal itself is a part of the answer. The rest is to listen.

To maintain a thankful attitude everyday is not something we are conditioned to do due in part to the human condition we are experiencing but it is something that is possible to achieve as long as we focus our intent to it.

What we need to live in a state of gratitude is in our hands already and once we are open and aware to this truth it becomes easier and easier to maintain this vibration.

Much of the time we loose our focus due to outside influences that are very real to our concious minds however we do not need to bow down to these influences. We are in control and have the ability to redirect and shift at will.

Card 2~ I am Choice
Change Happens yet Choice is Your Gift

I-am-ChoiceAs mentioned above, there is a time where we need to select the way we react to our situations and the intent we bring forward. This is where choice comes in. The ability to shift our perception of a situation from seeing the glass half empty to seeing it half full is the gift most of us have too often forgotten about.

Imagine the power and focus our days would hold if we looked at all situations from a place of lessons and gifts rather than trials and tribulations.

No, not all things will come easy for some of us. Yes, obsticals to our goals will present themselves regularly because we are focused on learning from our experiences. This is what we came here to do.

What this card reminds us of however is that how we respond, the energy we place on negative or possitive emotions around certain things, is indeed our choice.

Personally, I have worked both sides of this equasion and believe me the better option, the more liberating and uplifting option, is to decide to view things from the light and love rather than from a place of suffering and darkness.

Card 3 ~ I am Harmony
To be Content is to be Gentle with SelfI am Harmony 4x6

Huge shifts in awareness and direction come when we decide to flick that switch and reprogram our thinking to living in gratitude as often as possible.

This weekend, as you celebrate with family and friends and reflect on the bounty you do have, regardless of the challenges you also face, focus a moment on how that feels. The peace and harmony that rests in your soul at these times of gentle reflection can become the focal point in your heart when you face trying times. This remembering will help bring you back to this lighter energy.

Being gentle with yourself when you are feeling frustrated and disappointed is the key to finding that warm place your soul resides in.

Despair is not a fun energy to live in… choose to focus with clarity on the blessings in your life and be in harmony with the intention that this life is a gift. That is the key to living in gratitude and thankfulness daily.