Question: Since the year of the Horse begins later this week I have asked today for general guidance for this new beginning for all of my readers.

Card #1 ~ I am Grace

“Rejoice in the Awareness of your Potential”

It is always good to see a message about potential at any new beginning.  The last time I pulled this card for a reading I was immediately drawn to the rich green at the base of the visual. The emotion that comes up is hope and green is also the colour of financial potential for many. This time I am also enjoying the aspect of the fern that represents for me. I remember reading once a folktale about the elusive “fern flower” that would grant a happy and rich life should it be spotted by the seeker in the short time it blooms. This creates a feeling of graceful hope within me and I hope in others reading this as well.

Card #2 ~ I am Harmony

“To be Connected is to be Gentle with Self”

My first impulse here is to stress that nothing needs to be forced. You are where you need to be in this moment. Everything is already in place. When I see the word Harmony the concept of music also rises to my consciousness and as such I wish to point out the truth that every note has a reason in a well written score. Sometime the tempo is quick and sometimes the tempo is slow and it is the whole that makes the beauty of the piece. As the audience or participant in this moment you are simply asked to let the music wash over you without resistance and the real beauty of the whole will be revealed.

Card #3 ~ I am Patience

“The Art of Being Still is the Key”

This 3rd card continues the theme that reminds us to let things settle and find its own pace. As much as we wish to hurry things along or over plan, it is in being patient and trusting that the sand will find its level. Everything happens in its own time.  Everything happens for a reason even if that reason is not at first clear in our limited perception of the now. This is part of the gift, as well as the test, we face each day. What is that old adage? Patience is a virtue.