Question: A new season is nearly upon us, what action is needed on a general level to prepare for the ripening of things coming?
card reading

Today my selection process involved “jumpers” as it often does when doing a reading. These are the cards that pop out of the deck while shuffling, including those that fall out completely. This is why this reading includes a 4th bonus card as two fell out during the last shuffle with Realisation showing face up 1st and Peace beneath it.
A special thank you to Dane for inspiring this question indirectly by some of the suggestions for card reading question he sent.

Card #1 I am Patience
The Art of Being Still is the Key

I am Patience 4x6I enjoy it when a reading I do for the general seeker and my Facebook audience reflects parts of my own journey and this card being the first to surface gave me a subtle jolt of awareness that is guiding what I am writing to share here. The question held while selecting the cards for this reading resonates with a feeling of impatience reflected in the very wording of it. The question speaks of “what’s next” and “planning” rather than enjoying the moment and the last days of summer. Yes it is important be aware of the coming changes in season and store some resources for it but indeed what comes to mind for me to ask is: How much does the squirrel really enjoy the summer if it is always scampering around preparing for what is coming? Having the Patience card show as the initial card on this reading sets the tone that is heavy with the reminder to simply be at ease with yourself and your situation. All things come in their own time. Time is symbolised by the hourglass gently suspended on the subject’s knee. His relaxed hold on the “time” reminds us to be gentle in our expectations.



Card #2 I am Possibility
Wonders are Available if Asked ForI am Possibility 4x6

Indeed a lovely balance to the patience message, this card shows us that we get what we request and everything has the ability to reveal itself to us in its time. Harvest will come regardless of our thoughts or actions. This is a given and a natural truth regardless if we are speaking of crops or events coming in our lives. A ripening will happen. This does not truly mean that we do nothing at all because it is also true that life is meant to be lived actively and is not strictly a passive thing even if Source does provide.  The action needed on our part is conscious thought and following through with what is whispered to us when we request guidance. So yes we can be patient but we need to be involved with the process by setting our intensions and acting in kind. This last comment seems to be reflected in the blade in the image as it is double sided and is a reminder that to be effective there must be pointed focus and awareness.

I am Realisation 4x6Card #3 I am Realisation
Sweet is the Knowledge of Self Worth

For some reason the word “now” in Knowledge seemed pronounced for me as I typed out the card phrase. I take this to reflect an additional reminder that rather than thinking about what is coming and worrying what steps to take and which processes and things are important for the coming season that one should be looking at this moment. Quite a realisation for someone like me who tries to plan ahead and often forgets to enjoy what is already present. I read this card generally today in context to the question and the fellow cards of this reading as a statement about enjoying the sweetness of the now. The intense gaze of the subject in this card is the reason this was selected to be the visual for realisation… no doubt about his purpose or value shows in his eyes. This is a valuable revelation for the seeker today: be sure of yourself and your situation and everything else will take care of itself.



Bonus Card I am Peace
Serenity is the Key to Healing the SpiritI am Peace 4x6

This bonus card brings us back to Patience in a way by reminding us to be at ease with what has not yet transpired. Worry is not an effective use of energy and is the root of dis~eases. The turning of the seasons is an outer reflection of the inner progression within. Things shift slowly when they are meaningful. Change comes and with the new experiences we have we grow towards gentle healing. To complete this reading I wish to remind my readers (and myself) that it is important to be in the peaceful awareness of the present moment and truly experience the beauty of it without projecting overmuch on the future. Be at ease.