Question~ What strategies can be implemented this week to benefit the general reader in any endeavor?

Card 1 – I am Awareness ~ Be Open to the Potential of Source

When this card came up the 1st thought that came to me was be open minded. It is my observation that many people, myself included, start a task or a project or even just a though with the final destination already firmly in place. This allows for very little new to enter into play… we are set in our ways. What would happen if we simply release expectation and become aware that there is much more out there available to us if we simply allow? Interesting thought to ponder.

Card 2 – I am Curiosity ~ It is Through Inquiry that we Discover

This card’s message opens up the potential for curiosity to play a role in our planning or thinking. We can just ask: what else is possible that I have not considered yet? Why stay stuck in our old thought patterns or ideas? This card suggests that you keep asking questions and be receptive to the answers.

Card 3 – I am Truth ~ The Truth is Sharp and Cuts through Illusions

At first I was confused to the fit of this card within the context of the question and in fact the 2 previous cards and how I responded to these. Then it stuck me. Who among us knows for a fact that our current awareness or belief in in fact the full truth? What if the real truth of what we can experience is not yet fully realised. In fact, what if what we currently know and experience from a place of pain or fear is the illusion we need to break free from? I looked again at this image to seek some answers and the vines growing upwards were what I noticed most strongly. These fresh ideas, as represented by the vines, are full of potential and life being and are all the while being supported by the strong trees deeply rooted in the source and foundation of our experience and desire. At least that is what I read in here.

For me, the cards drawn to share with you this week speak of pushing self- imposed restrictions and illusions of limitations. The inherent message is that it is potentially time to explore what you are capable of.