Those of you who have been following my card readings weekly will know that my preferred method of drawing cards is to shuffle till a few present themselves by jumping out of the rest of the deck.

As I was forming the question in my head this week I had a card jump out early and then nothing for several passes through the deck. This made me decide that today only one car would be needed. I turned it over and indeed felt instantly that it was the right card for the question.

Today’s question is:
Is there a purpose to everyday struggles and changes?

I enjoy that it is the Wisdom card that presented itself so boldly and with such confidence. It speaks to me about the firm value of all lessons we experience each day whether we label these as struggles, change or by some other name whether positive or negative in their connotation. Having this card be the one drawn emphasizes the real truth that each and every day we gather wisdom we carry forward.

It is these lessons that are part of the process of exploring and experiencing so we have deeper understanding of the world around us and how to interact within it.

When looking at the image itself, I always get a feeling of hope and renewal. The rich blues symbolize spiritual depth by certain definitions and the greens of the environment surrounding our messenger have a tendency to represent hope, fresh opportunity and new things.

In short this is indeed the perfect card for today.