After a short absence from doing card reading on this page I started to hear more and more that people would like me to continue with these. Trouble was I was worried the questions I was asking while drawing cards may not be what others would ask so I posted a request for questions.

So far I have 6 questions that are generic enough to draw from over the next while that I received both as posts on my social media pages and via email. Thank you all for your continued feedback and support and questions.

Which direction is the right direction?

Which direction is the right direction?

Thank you to Tyler for this request:
Which direction is the right direction?

Card #1
I am Light
The Higher Self Glows Eternal
I am LightIn relationship to this question, this card represents your inner knowing or guiding light. It is a reminder that whatever experiences we have or whatever choices we make serves us in some way because we are always being guided.
Just because, while you are in the middle of an experience, you can not fully understand what you are intended to gain from certain situations does not mean that a wrong choice was made somewhere.

All along our path, we have a variety of opportunities to shift gears and backtrack and this is the blessing that free will gives us. The intention for this living experience is only finite in that we will learn something and grow as souls no matter who we come to the destination.

This means that no matter what direction you choose it is indeed the right one. Trust is difficult during more difficult times but it is not impossible to nurture if we indeed accept that we are all travelling towards a similar destination of transcendence and enlightenment.

We our team of guides always by our side, only “success” is possible. By this I do not reflect on ego’s definition of success but on the success to fulfill the contract we made with our higher selves to learn what we came here to learn and affect what we came here to affect. Therefore there is no wrong direction.

Card #2
I am Intuition
Empowerment Follows Illumination

I am IntuitionWhat a perfect complement to card #1!

As a further reminder that there is no wrong direction when we follow our light, this card shows us that no matter the obstacles that there is always something guiding us. That inner voice or “gut” feeling will always come to our aid when we ask it. ¬†Actually we do not even have to ask… we simply need to listen.

What really empowers us along our journey is the understanding that everything is part of the process. We may have complains, or should I say that our ego may have complaints, about how certain things transpire however everything is just as it should be to assist the soul’s journey.

As mentioned in a previous blog about how a little resistance in the wind against a bird’s feathers is what gives it lift, all the “resistance” in our forward movement from our limited perspective is actually put there to uplift us once we have mastered the lesson.

So we are reminded that in the choices we make and in the directions we take we will always find the right one for where we are heading.

Card #3
I am Faith
This is that Moment When You Just Know

I am FaithSome times when I draw this card for individuals for the first time they may struggle with fully understanding the caption below the image.

Part of the block in understanding the intention/message of this card is that it is ego’s habit to trip us up by influencing our perceived need to second guess each and every thing that presents itself.

In relationship to the question posed, this card is perfect. It is clear that the message is to simply trust your choices and trust the process even when things are challenging… you did not choose the wrong direction you simply may have chosen the path that would give you the highest potential for growth.

This card also complements the previous two cards incredibly well. Each of them is a slight variety on the same message. Trust!

Trust is not easy, especially in times of darkness and fear, but it is a fact that were there is a shadow side of anything the opposite side contains light. Getting through anything is easier when you know that light awaits.

In conclusion… How does one know they have taken the right direction… faith and intuition and always seek out the light.