I often get asked what inspired me to start creating faerie images for so many years.

There is not really a simple answer to this question as my perception of those early days and how I was motivated has shifted in retrospect. I used to believe that my love of folklore and fantasy books was the foundation for the images I did and yes this is in part true and what I say to explain, even to this day, as the inspiration however I now realize that this is not the source itself.

The energy that drove my desire to capture Mystic images is, in fact, something deeper than the books I read and the movies I have had the pleasure to watch. Magic was put into images and words for me through these tools but it was the magic itself that always had me looking deeper.

The quote I often use to express my way of capturing what I see through my photography is not just a tag line. “I Believe in the Magic of Life” is a statement of my fundamental beliefs and character. I do see magic in the beauty all around me and this speaks deeply for me about the potential existence of beings and energies that work at making this beauty happens. I appreciate all that I am blessed with by nature from a soft breeze to the vibrant colors through to the harshness of the elements. All has a rhythm and purpose and this is magical to me.

When I first started creating images for Mystic I had a small vision. My intention was to create a few greeting cards but the inspiration to capture more and more images for this series kept building inside me and the times I did not go with the flow through this creative expression where the times I felt the most lost and disconnected.

Simply put… capturing the visual and impressions of the faeries and other magical beings I sense in my environment nearly constantly is healing and empowering to me. Yes I believe in faeries just as I believe in magic and miracles. The foundation for all of these is faith and love. Pure joy and a balance within my own self is what I gain from photographing Mystic drive images. I can’t think of a better reason for having started this so many years ago and no better reason for having sustained this outlet for my connection to magic… can you?