The next few days will be a flurry of activity and work towards making my crowdfunding one of the few campaigns to prove the average and data wrong. It can still succeed even this late in the campaign.

There may still be a wide gap remaining towards having this become a successful campaign by late Thursday night however with the help of others and some hard work it can still be done. As stated in the topic line it’ll take a miracle but I do believe in them.

One thing I have learned about miracles however is that they take hard work and persistence. I know that if more people share and talk about what I am doing then I will see the pledges jump in time to reach the goal. I guess it is time I send another “ask” out there for help and exposure. Many of you are already on the Empowerment Cards Facebook group however sharing the page with your friends will get me additional traffic.  I am also asking that you all share the video today any way you can, I would be greatly appreciative of your help.

Another way to help is to share my website as well and sign up for email updates on the contact page. Another way to stay on top of information is to follow the blog and weekly card readings on this web site.

Signing up on the email list will guarantee that should, by some obscure chance, the crowdfunding campaign not reach its goal by early Friday that I will still be able to keep you advise when “Plan B” kicks in.

Plan B consists of 3 things:

The 1st is setting up a method of taking advance sales through my website which was going to happen regardless once I had a firm date for the printing being completed. This will be in place soon and is an alternative for those of you who will wish to order more after the Kickstarter campaign is closed. There will be a special wholesalers’ spot as well that will be open for bulk sales of the decks. If you know of any opportunities for me to approach companies or wholesalers once this is in place I welcome the information for my planning.

The 2nd part of plan B is going digital. I now have engaged someone to create an App to make the cards and guidebook available in digital format for those people who will prefer this method to the printed cards. This part of the plan has come from some of the correspondence I have received the last couple of weeks. Many suggestions to offer this option has led to research on how to make it happen.

My thought so far is that these two items will likely be two separate subscriptions but so far only initial discussion has taken place on implementing this. I will post updates on the progress of this Application option as it comes available.

Part 3 of plan B is looking for investors. I have been made aware of a site called Kiva where projects like mine can solicit investment loans from private lenders. I am doing my homework on this right now.

So as you can see… I am not going to let Mystic Bliss sit long without huge action regardless of the standing at the end of this campaign. I still intend to stay with the timeline of going to press this spring. Everything is now ready except the capital and that has never stopped me before and won’t now.