April 6th 2015 Mystic Monday

Mystic Monday for April 6th 2015

Normally I would address Mystic Monday card readings much earlier in the day, however, today has been a very interesting day energetically and circumstances have prevented this from happening.

Rather than be distracted from the potential that this too has a purpose, I have chosen to accept how this has played out and focus on the 3rd card of this reading : Tranquility.

Simply… there is nothing to be worried about if things don’t go as planned or take longer than you thought they should. Be still and listen and you will understand why events have unfolded as they have… today and in all days of your life: past, present and future.

I am Realisation 4x6

Sweet is the Knowledge of Self Worth

Card 1 ~ I am Realisation

In this card you are reminded that there is no lack to the value of what you know and understand of yourself and how you fit into the grand scheme of things… at least on the soul level.

Too often we hold ourselves in way too low in the grand scheme of things forgetting that indeed we have a major role to play even if that role seems to be less than grand or colourful. It is the small things that tip the tide of situations quite often and you are asked to recognize just how important you are.

Remember the things in which you see in others in your life that have impressed you and know that there is very likely a part that you played in having this come to be.

Maybe you are the person who smiled at them extra gently one day when they needed to have that reminder that they were cared for. Maybe in doing this you prevented them from falling off the path that has caused them to be where they are today. Maybe by your mere smile you saved them from darkness in their heart that threatened to overwhelm them. It is not inconceivable that your presence in the world, without effort, influenced their growth and shift.

If this is so… imagine just how many more people you would influence in a positive way if you expressed yourself fully.  What you have to offer is grand and beautiful and therefore you are being nudged to embrace this and gain confidence in knowing who you are.


It is Through Inquiry that we Discover

Card 2 ~ I am Curiosity

To continue along this line… are you not just a little bit curious of the impact you would have if you birthed your true self? What could be so scary about claiming for yourself the gift of sharing you talent and the joy this could bring you and the healing or guidance it could offer so many?

I guess there is a negative stigma to the idea of curiosity. This notion has long exhausted its value in my opinion. It is simply a through back to the age when if you ventured too far from the safety of the cave you could face many dangers. Sure, there is much that is unknown yet especially in the areas of destiny and the big picture however being curious, venturing out from our comfort zones and exploring our full potential will bring gifts that you can yet not comprehend or predict.

Mistakes are just new lessons. Conquering fear holds, for those who manifest this reality, new discoveries that will impact many. Be brave. Be curious. Show the world what you offer.

I am Tranquility 4x6

When at Rest the Best is Revealed

Card 3 ~ I am Tranquility

Today I sense that this card is presented to be a nudge to relax and trust. Approach your need to explore through your curiosity with a soft heart and mind. Do not doubt the value of your influence on others and the changes this world needs to be presented with.

Quiet the negative voice in your subconscious that has prevented you from seeing just what you can experience if you put your fears to rest. This is the start of something big that will ripple from you out into the very ether to make a difference. Again… it is not the big splashes that always make the biggest differences… more often than not it is the small drop on the quiet pool that ripples outwards the broadest. Speak gently to yourself with words of encouragement and see where this quiet approach takes you.

Remember, you are loved.

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